THE HOT ONE TWO – Superbia (2023) *HQ*

THE HOT ONE TWO - Superbia (2023) *HQ* - full

Founded in Cambridge in 2017 by bassist Nick Blackburn, lead guitarist Nick Manners, and drummer Joe Chivers, THE HOT ONE TWO is a hard rock quintet boasting the swagger of 1980s greats and souped-up with punchy modern metal riffs.
After and EP and some singles, THE HOT ONE TWO are presenting their full debut CD titled “Superbia“, and believe us – it’s superb indeed. This 5-piece straddle a fine line between contemporary hard rock bordering on metal, but also incorporating old school flourishes in their material. And I think they are the better for it.
First thing you notice is how sonically good the album sounds. The separation has been handled so well. Next, the quality playing, and then… some killer songs! THE HOT ONE TWO sounds like a mix of Swedes ECLIPSE and the underrated HEAVEN’S BASEMENT; catchy kick ass stuff.

‘The Fray‘ is an explosive opening dull of groove, melting riffs and the impressive voice of Simon West at full range. And it doesn’t let up. ‘Tie Me Down‘ is exactly what you think it is about and has a shuffle in the verse that harks back to the 70s by the chorus is pure modern.
The band seem to have taken the time to get their ‘sound’ in the rehearsal room and it pays off.
No more than on ‘Is It Hot‘ which starts like old school Maiden and has a delicious verse and chorus combo. ‘Something Teal‘ is more brooding, and heavy as hell, but all the better for it. ‘God Forsaken Blues‘ isn’t your typical blues song. It stomps, it’s melodic, it’s heavy.

‘Demon Daze‘ starts with the plugging in of a guitar and then rumbles along on a bass line and power trip guitar with big vocals all over. ‘Rolling Stone‘ is a definite old school driver: melodic guitar, lots of space in and around the course, hints of Black N’ Blue (remember them?!) This could and should be a future single!
‘Playing With Fire‘ switches the heavy end back on, and ‘Feeling Good‘ is like mixing Def Leppard with Dirty Looks. And that is a compliment.

The Hot One Two. Keep an eye on these guys. They have that certain ‘something’ and I think it’s only going to nurture and get better, the longer they are in the game.
Meanwhile, “Superbia” to 11 and enjoy one of the best debuts of the year.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – The Fray
02 – Tie Me Down
03 – You’ve Got It (I Want It)
04 – Is It Hot?
05 – Feeling Good
06 – Something Real
07 – God Forsaken Blues
08 – Demon Daze
09 – Rolling Stone
10 – Playing With Fire

Simon West – Vocals
Nick Blackburn – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kev Baker – Rhythm Guitar
Nick Manners – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Joe Chivers – Drums



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