MYDRA – Mydra [Yesterrock remaster +1]

MYDRA - Mydra [Yesterrock remaster +1]

Here we have another request. One of the most unknown (and underrated) Melodic Rock releases from the European scene in the second half of the ’80s should be MYDRA‘s self-titled debut, originally released in Germany and a few countries more.
Hard to find on CD for years, fortunatelyMydra was rescued from oblivion by Yesterrock Records in a pristine remastered form directly from the master tapes and featuring a previously unreleased track.

Mydra emerged from the ashes of a band called Charon who released a couple of quite good hard rock albums. Then founder member Andreas Feldhahn (drums) decided to change the musical direction and a new line-up (including new singer André Martelli) was set for the third recording.

The tracks were taped between October 87-March 88 and when the material was nearly ready it was put out to some record companies. Phonogram took the bait although with one condition: ‘You have to change the name’. Midas Touch was chosen, but the label rejected it. Okay, then Hydra… Phonogram again: ‘nope’.
Alright, this is the last try: MYDRA. They finally said yes and everything took its course.

MYDRA - Mydra [Yesterrock remaster] (2012) booklet 1

Coming out of Hamburg, Germany, you’d be forgiven for presuming that Mydra would have a touch of Scorpions or Accept about them. Not at all.
Instead this self titled effort feels more like a Scandi / Germanic album, with a Melodic Hard Rock mixture of biting guitars and sumptuous AOR keyboards landing somewhere between Treat, Stranger and other German counterparts like Bonfire and Roko.
So expect a wonderful bunch of driving tunes here full of hooks and catchy choruses.

All kicks off impressively with the huge dual guitar / keyboard riff of “I’ve Got The Power” where the very big and powerful production suits the somewhat pompous arrangement, and lead singer Andre Martelli shows his strong, slightly raspy singing style which he applies to the majority of the remaining songs effectively.

“She’s No Lover” is a highlight, one of my favorite Mydra songs and in my opinion a cult classic tune in the Melodic Rock genre.
Then “California” is based around a simple but catchy as hell riff, and I quite like the raw energy of this track where Martelli’s full fledged screamy chorus vocals top off the tune rather well.

MYDRA - Mydra [Yesterrock remaster] (2012) booklet 2

Then arrives another of my picks; “Love Killer”, indeed a killer rockin’ AOR track plenty of ’80s magic where the stabbing synths elevates your ears to a Scandinavian sky.
“Light Up The Sky” is a winner too, combining the energy of the band with a more sophisticated song structure, finding the guitars and keyboard interplaying elegantly with each other throughout. I love this stuff.
As title indicates, “Cold Blooded” features a more upfront guitar turning things quite hard rocking for good effect, followed by the good instrumental “Fireball” featuring some interesting licks and fills.

The bar is set really high (again) with the wonderful “Double Dealer”, straight out of the Scandinavian AOR songbook plenty of chunky guitar chords, keyboards galore and a huge chorus.

“Mydra” ends in top form with the gem that is “Gone With The Wind”, a first class Melodic Rock song which starts quietly, just to segue into a harder, guitar driven pre-chorus, and finally an ambitiously arranged chorus, all keyboard flurries and grandiose vocals.
This track worth the disc alone, another cult classic from the genre if you ask me.

MYDRA - Mydra [Yesterrock remaster] (2012) back cover

Eighties Melodic Rock / AOR connoisseurs already have Mydra among their favorite bands / releases from the era. If you never heard about them it’s time get in gear and find a copy of this truly great reissue remastered by Yesterrock.
Not only the sound obtained is superb, it also features a very good bonus in the lovable mid-tempo melodic rocker “You’re The Only One” and refreshed artwork.
Fans of true ’80s Scandinavian & German styled Melodic Hard Rock / AOR with big choruses, tons of keys and ‘that magic’ need to check “Mydra” in a mandatory form.
Highly Recommended


01 – I’ve Got The Power
02 – Freeway Blues
03 – She’s No Lover
04 – California
05 – Love Killer
06 – Light Up The Sky
07 – Cold Blooded
08 – Fireball
09 – Double Dealer
10 – Gone With The Wind
11 – You’re The Only One (bonus track)

André Martelli – vocals
Alic Stephens – guitar
Bernie Fintzen – keyboards, backing vocals
Jan S. Eckert – bass, backing vocals
Andreas Feldhahn – drums



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