IVORY TOWER – Heavy Rain (2024)

IVORY TOWER - Heavy Rain (2024) - full

Heavy Rain” is the upcoming new album from German rockers IVORY TOWER, a 10-tracker that seamlessly blends heavy riffs, intricate melodies, and strong lyrics. The band’s sound combines elements of progressive metal with hard rocking catchy hooks and some big choruses, very well produced & mixed.
IVORY TOWER has been around the block for some time, but now with new vocalist Lord Francis Soto sense for great melodies, he gives the new songs that unique something. Ivory Tower are all masters of their craft, and a singer who can belt out cascading melodic passages as well as staccato vocals is just what they needed – along with the spherical keyboard sounds, screaming guitar solos and massive riffs this album has to offer.

”Heavy Rain” is almost an hour of vigorous metal with melody and some progressive elements. The songs here are mostly rapid, with potent rhythm section and feisty riffs. At the same time, keyboardist Frank Fasold is mostly responsible for the progressive elements. And Francis Soto (ex Infinity’s Call) vocals, in my opinion, fit this music greatly: it’s powerful, and has an interesting timbre.

The opening “Black Rain” begins with short acoustic intro but then tough drumming and heavy riffs come with some keyboards on the background, which add some atmosphere, so all in all it’s a might German metal, technical and very melodic. The same happens in “Heavy Ride”, a great banger where Francis shines and some guitar work akin the ’80s. Don’t forget about “Monster”, heavy and melodic song with fast-paced keyboards and powerful chorus.

However, “Holy War” with rigid tremolo guitars and double bass, the keyboards play progressive line, creating not the atmosphere but another facet in the music and it sounds interesting and unordinary, while the good composing holds the listener’s attention.
The next one, “Never”, reduces the tempo and catches with its groove. There are lots of melodic passages which are joined together seamlessly; at the same time drums are not allow you to stop headbanging.

But if we are talking about the conjunction of genres, there is more of it in “Recover”, although there are some sharp transitions from time to time; however, it is not something that cut the ears. Another thing that worth mentioning here is the main line from keyboards and guitar melody in chorus: for some reason it reminded me Iron Maiden from Brave New World times.
And in “The Destination”, which starts as some dark with lots of keyboards, everything changes dramatically at some moment and music goes progressive completely. However, the heaviness comes back closer to the end of the track and there are also some blast beats when the music returns to the main theme.
Another thing to mention is Sven Böge’s solos – they are pretty killer. Melodic and fast-paced (sometimes incredibly fast) at the service of each song.

“Heavy Rain” is a multifaceted, melodic and very interesting piece of work that all fans of melodic metal / progressive will enjoy.
Highly Recommended


01 – Black Rain
02 – Holy War
03 – Never
04 – The Destination
05 – 60 Seconds
06 – Heavy Ride
07 – Recover
08 – Monster
09 – Voices
10 – The Tear

Francis Soto – Vocals
Thorsten Thrunke – Drums
Sven Böge – Guitars
Björn Bombach – Bass
Frank Fasold – Keyboards


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