LYNX – Claws Out (2024) *HQ*

LYNX - Claws Out (2024) *HQ* - full

We really enjoyed Canadian rockers LYNX EP from a couple years ago, and now the guys are ready to release their first full length album titled “Claws Out“. LYNX’s music is classic ’80s Hard Rock / Glam Metal, catchy, anthemic songs combining the best of KISS, Poison, Tuff, Ratt, Motley Crüe, etc, with their own personality.
This is pure hair metal circa 1987 but not a parody or a nostalgic trip, Lÿnx sounds real, authentic, and kick some serious ass. There is nary a hair sprayed out of place nor a streak of black eyeliner smudged as Lÿnx provides an aboslute feral ride through hair metal glory. Yeah, perhaps there’s too much reverb on the vocals on some tracks, but heck, that was a rule in the ’80s too!

In a world where the echoes of the ’80s rock scene still reverberate through the hearts of true believers, ”Claws Out”, available on May 9th, is a sonic feast that pays homage to the glory days of glam metal while injecting a modern edge that keeps the adrenaline pumping.
From the first notes of “Hell In High Heels,” it’s clear that Lÿnx is on a mission to ignite the flames of your memories while carving out their own place in the scene. With lyrics that delve into the complexities of desire and longing, this track sets the stage for a wild ride.

“Rock Machine” follows suit, paying tribute to the unsung heroes of the road… the tour vehicles that carry the band from one venue to the next. It’s a raw and unapologetic anthem for the rock n’ roll lifestyle, complete with scorching guitar solos and thunderous drums.
With the title track, “Claws Out,” is where Lÿnx truly sinks their teeth into the listener’s psyche. Inspired by the myths of werewolves, this track channels the primal energy of the beast, with lyrics dripping with bloodthirsty intensity and guitar riffs that cut through the air like razor-sharp claws.

Reminiscent of the glory days of Faster Pussycat and Motley Crue, “Can’t Get Enough” and “Shake It Up” keep the party rolling with their infectious energy and irresistible hooks. These are the quintessential hair metal anthems that demand to be played at maximum volume, with lyrics that celebrate the hedonistic pleasures of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll.

The shining star of ‘Claws Out’ though is “Band of Brothers”. From its soaring vocals to its heartfelt lyrics and infectious melody, this track captures everything that makes the band a force to be reckoned with. The opening makes me think of Bon Jovi’s “Lay Your Hands on Me” and what I like about this song the most is that while it stays in alignment with Lÿnx’s hard rock sound, it shows the band’s true talent. It strips away the glam and allows each member to shine, especially the vocals of Ja6ur.
The ballad-esque “Nothing But Love” has the spirit of hit ballads from Skid Row. It’s a tender moment of rest in the middle of the chaotic party.

”Claws Out” is a straight shot of glammy rock n’ roll straight to the heart. With its infectious energy, blistering guitar solos, and powerhouse vocals, it’s a proof to the enduring power of the genre. The guys ‘nailed’ the classic sound with ”Claws Out”.
Crank up the volume, grab the Aqua Net, throw up the horns, and let Lÿnx take you on a journey through the wild and untamed world of hair metal glory.
Highly Recommended


01 – Hell In High Heels
02 – Rock Machine
03 – Claws Out
04 – Can’t Get Enough
05 – Shake It Up (Remastered)
06 – Band Of Brothers
07 – Nothing But Love
08 – Hard As Life
09 – Pull The Trigger
10 – Lights Out

Lazer Wild – vocals, keys
Blade – guitars, bkg vocals
Fangs – bass, bkg vocals
Flash – drums


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2 Responses

  1. Ray V says:

    I can sort of get why there would be a German and a Swedish band with the same name, but why a Canadian outfit would use LYNX, when there was a successful Canadian band in the 70s and 80s called LYNX who put out 3 studio albums? That’s just lazy and confusing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s a good point Ray V, that’s why the Canadian outfit is Lÿnx and not LYNX!

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