KIRK HAMMETT (Metallica) – Portals (2022)

Metallica’s lead guitar KIRK HAMMETT is releasing “Portals“, his first-ever foray as a solo artist is dubbed by himself as ‘a collection of gateways to myriad musical and psychic destinations’. Hammett, who produced the EP, is joined by a string of familiar names including drummers Jon Theodore and Abraham Laboriel, bassist Greg Fidelman, Metallica producer Bob Rock and Emmy-winning arrange Blake Neely.
At 27 minutes, ”Portals” is closer to a full-length album than an EP, with three songs landing in the seven- to eight-minute ballpark. Hammett, a noted horror movie aficionado, wasn’t bluffing when he described these tunes as “soundtracks to the movies in your mind.” It’s easy to imagine a movie or video game protagonist excavating a tomb during the foreboding first half of EP opener “Maiden and the Monster,” only to sprint toward the exit as an undead beast chases them during the blistering second half…

DREAM THEATER – Lost Not Forgotten Archives; Master of Puppets – Live in Barcelona (2021)

DREAM THEATER are pleased to announce the upcoming re-release of one of the most sought-after entries in the band’s previously recorded Ytsejam Records catalog: “Master of Puppets”. The next entry in the Lost Not Forgotten Archives series will see this remastered edition of the band’s historic presentation from Barcelona, Spain, of Metallica’s 6x-certified platinum record, performed live in its entirety in 2002.
Here, Dream Theater cover Master of Puppets without drawing attention to themselves. Mike Portnoy does not grandstand and overplay. Nobody does. If the effort was to do an authentic version of Puppets, as close to note for note as possible, then I say mission accomplished. Beat for beat, this is stunningly true to the original album… with a Dream Theater flavor.
And it’s awesome…

METALLICA – Metallica / The Black Album (Remastered Expanded Edition 2021)

It’s finally here. METALLICA’s eponymous album, better known as ”The Black Album”, is remastered and will be available everywhere on September 10th on various formats.
This 3-CD Expanded Edition has an alternate cover handpicked by Lars Ulrich and includes 3 discs featuring the newly remastered album and previously unreleased, demos, rough mixes, & live tracks.
‘The Black Album’ is one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed records of all time, with global sales of over 35 million, and contains a series of unrelenting singles, “Enter Sandman,” “The Unforgiven”, “Nothing Else Matters,” “Wherever I May Roam,” and “Sad But True.”
The remastering by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering is awesome.

METALLICA & Various Artists – The Metallica Blacklist (2021)

It’s no secret that Metallica’s self-titled fifth album — a/k/a The Black Album — is one of the most commercially successful records of all time. Its 1991 release propelled Metallica to bona fide household name superstardom, and its impact and relevance have only grown with the years: The Black Album remains the best-selling album of the past three decades, and one of only two albums that have spent 550+ weeks on the Billboard 200.
The Metallica Blacklist” celebrates the 30th anniversary and enduring influence of this musical milestone with one of the most ambitious projects ever conceived by the Metallica team: An unprecedented 50+ artists spanning an unbelievably vast range of genres, generations, cultures, continents and more, each contributing a unique interpretation of their favorite Black Album cut…

METALLICA & The San Francisco Symphony: S&M 2 (2020)

METALLICA’s second go-round with the San Francisco Symphony will feature on an upcoming live album and concert film documenting the band’s S&M 2 shows. Recorded September 6th and 8th, 2019 at San Francisco’s Chase Center, the gigs found Metallica collaborating with the symphony for the first time since 1999.
The concert boasted symphonic versions of Metallica hits, including at least one track from each of the band’s 10 studio albums. Due out August 28th and available to pre-order now, S&M 2 will be released in a variety of formats.
Of course, with Covid ruling our lives and international shipping being what it is, we might not get to experience that giddy feeling of owning a hard-copy for a while, but it will be available digitally as well.
What we hear on this double disc is a band having the time of their lives even after a gruelling 40 year career.

METALLICA – Helping Hands… Live & Acoustic at The Masonic (2019)

METALLICA recently played an acoustic set in San Francisco to benefit their All Within My Hands Foundation, and that the special gig was captured and released today as “Helping Hands… Live & Acoustic at The Masonic”. The tracklist includes performances of Metallica classics, as well as covers of songs by Deep Purple, Nazareth, Bob Seger and Blue Öyster Cult. The...

ROCK CANDY MAGAZINE – Issue 4 / 5 / 6

As you know, Rock Candy Records is one of the best CD reissue labels out there. Since a couple of years, they are releasing a magazine, actually printed on paper like in the good ‘ol times.In the style of the essay included into each CD booklet about the band in question, ROCK CANDY MAGAZINE is a bi-monthly, 100-page Rock publication...

METALLICA – Kill ‘Em All [Japan SHM-CD Remastered] (2018) Exclusive

After the fresh release of METALLICA‘s … And Justice For All, as requested, here’s the “Kill ‘Em All” new remaster appeared a couple years ago, but in its Japanese SHM-CD press out April, 2018.Without belaboring the point, some albums change the course of music so profoundly that it’s hard to imagine what the world was like before their arrival. Metallica’s...

METALLICA – Master Of Puppets [Japan SHM-CD Remastered] (2018)

After the fresh release of METALLICA‘s … And Justice For All, as requested, here’s the “Master Of Puppets” new remaster appeared last year, but in its Japanese SHM-CD press out April, 2018.Will this remastered reissue of “Master Of Puppets” convince you it’s one of the greatest metal records of all time, if you’re not convinced already? I guess the answer...

METALLICA – … And Justice For All [Remastered] (2018)

This year mark the 30th anniversary of METALLICA‘s epic fourth album “…And Justice For All”, and the legendary band have put something truly huge together to commemorate the record’s release. This November 2nd, the band will re-release a 2018 remastered version of the record in multiple formats / deluxe sets. The newly remastered recording was overseen by producer Greg Fidelman, and...

METALLICA – Ride The Lightning [Deluxe Box Set remastered]

METALLICA – Ride The Lightning [Deluxe Box Set remastered]

METALLICA has its own label now, Blackened Recordings, and the band seems like it’ll be putting it to good use as has been releasing their own catalog, and some seriously heavy duty box sets as happened with this “Ride The Lightning [Deluxe Box Set remastered]“. This is a mammoth box including 4 vinyl LPs, 6 CDs and a DVD. While...

METALLICA – Hardwired… To Self-Destruct [Deluxe Edition CD3] (2016)

METALLICA – Hardwired… To Self-Destruct [Deluxe Edition CD3] (2016)

To be released tomorrow, METALLICA‘s new album “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct” was already featured on this blog here.But there will be as well a Deluxe Edition with different artwork including a bonus disc featuring 4 new studio tracks plus a killer concert at Rasputin Music with the band playing all their classic songs. “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct”Deluxe Edition CD 3: 01 –...

METALLICA – Hardwired… To Self-Destruct (2016)

METALLICA – Hardwired… To Self-Destruct (2016)

Yeah, METALLICA, the kind of band you don’t see here on this blog. But they have been one of the most influential acts in Rock history, so let’s check their new album “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct” to be released next November 18.Eight years have passed snce Metallica’s last album 2008’s well received Death Magnetic which repaired damage the band did to...