CUEROCK – Tales Of Future Passed (2012)

VANGOUGH - Kingdom Of Ruin (2011)


Progressive rockers CUEROCK are based in a small town placed in the German region of Westfalia, but judging the professionality shown in their just released album “Tales Of Future Passed”, easily they could be just come from New York and being sharing the rehearsal room with Dream Theater.

Their style is strongly influenced by John Petrucci and Co., but Cuerock aren’t merely copycats as the band adds to their work a typical Euro sound and also elements of fusion, shred and arena rock ala Saga.

Indeed, some tracks in this CD go for a prog metal structures while others have an imprint of commerciality in the melodies.

There’s instrumental tracks as well, where the guitar takes the central role reminding you Steve Vai both in sound and vibe.

All members in Cuerock are skilled musicians, delivering a virtuoso instrumental interplay although always focused in the ‘song’.

The songwriting is surprisingly solid and the arrangements interesting, with increasing atmospheres and well resolved climax. Although none of the eight pieces is less than 6 minutes, all are fluid and with several breaks and song-into-song passages plenty of details.

Cuerock is also benefited by the inclussion of British singer Larry Lee Lehmann who not only owns a charismatic voice, it also avoids the undesired accent for this type of music and provides to Cuerock’s music an international flair.

“Tales Of Future Passed” is a solid album blending progressive elements in all its forms, to prog metal to technical to more commercial and melodious sounds.

The Dream Theater comparison in style is obvious at first glance but Cuerock has a much more accessible twang, and in places some tracks have a melodic hard rock approach.

The musicianship is top notch and in parts, really impressive. The guitars are executed with different tuning and sound patterns between tracks, the bass is groovy and they use a variation of keyboards ranging from synths, Hammond and pianos.

“Tales Of Future Passed” is a more than interesting album, very well recorded, mixed and produced. No matter your musical preferences, you should check this CD.

You will be pleasantly surprised.

01. Underneath Sparkling Stars

02. Dream On In Neverland

03. More Sex

04. Kaleidoscope Part I

05. A Farewell To The Falcon

06. For Sabine

07. You Are The Sun

08. Kaleidoscope Part II (Days Of Future Passed)

Larry Lee Lehmann – Vocals

Achim Harhoff – Guitar

Klaus Hogrebe – Bass

Andreas Blechmann – Keyboards

M.B.Forrester – Drums

CUEROCK - Tales Of Future Passed (2012) back cover


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