PHOENIX RISING – Give It A Name (2012)

PHOENIX RISING - Give It A Name (2012)


PHOENIX RISING is new sensational band from Rome, Italy, founded by singer / drummer Titta Tani, who want to create something fresh and interesting in the AOR / Melodic Rock scene.

Their first effort “Give It A Name” surely will delight the true fans of the genre.

The Phoenix Rising project was created in 2008 by Titta Tani and guitarist Paolo Caucci. The duo worked hard on several songs and ideas but the project was moved aside for a period of time due to studio engagements and live tours with other bands. Both are requested session musicians, and Tani has been part of several bands such as DGM, Daemonia, Goblin, Ashent.

But now the time has come for Phoenix Rising.

Led by Tani on vocals (who also took care of all the lyrics and most the drums), the band is now made up of very talented six-string player Andrea Gentili, Gilles Boscolo (Ashent) on keyboards, Alessandro Jacobi (Burning Black) on bass and Francesco Di Battista on drums.

On “Give It A Name” you will find 5 songs of high quality AOR / Melodic Rock reminiscent of the great bands of the genre such as Journey, Giant, The Storm, Boston, Pride Of Lions just to name a few, with a very personal songwriting and taste crafting fine melodies.

Catchy refrains since the very first listening and outstanding sense of melody are the trademarks of these songs. The guitars are sharp and the keyboards are used and arranged in the classic way of the genre. Most of them are played by Paolo Caucci (no longer in the band) as this recording was made prior to the present line-up.

Tani does a very good job with the vocals, and being essentially a drummer in his musical formation, what it is truly remarkable in this recording is the drum sound & playing.

Most of the indie recordings face this problem; the lack of a good drum and percussion sound / production. This is not the case here, the rhythm section is really outstanding.

I only have words of admiration to Phoenix Rising.

They are playing true, real Classic AOR / Melodic Rock in this 5-track debut, with excellent musicianship and production.

Check the video-track below (which isn’t the best song on offer here) and convince yourselves.

Kudos to Phoenix Rising! Can’t wait for a full length album.


You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrockz

01 – No Lie To Say

02 – Fade Away

03 – Written On A Stone

04 – It’s Up To You And Me

05 – Give It A Name

Tatti Tani : Vocals, Drums

Paolo Caucci : Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

Andrea Gentili : Guitars

Gilles Boscolo : Keyboards

Alessandro Jacobi : Bass

Francesco Di Battista : add. Drums


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