JOHN TAGLIERI – Lucky #9 (2012)

VANGOUGH - Kingdom Of Ruin (2011)


New Jersey rocker JOHN TAGLIERI is no stranger to the music business. With years of continuous touring and seven solo albums under his belt music has been his life.

Taglieri’s early works are pretty good working class rock & AOR albums, and although he is one of the hardest working musicians he is quite unknown and deserves more success.

Now, the prolific singer, songwriter, producer makes a strong return with “Lucky #9”.

For those of you familiar with Taglieri’s music, “Lucky #9” is undoubtedly going to please you. For those of you who aren’t yet acquainted, Taglieri’s music is a modern Bon Jovi with some Adult Contemporary in it – a good time rock and roller who is one part bar band and another part arena rocker.

First single and opening track “Losing Me” mixes acoustic verses and an energetic, catchy chorus. “I Never Knew” is more midtempo and modern rock oriented, while “Dying Alive” is a Bon Jovi-like semi acoustic piece.

There’s two radio-friendly ballads; “Without You” and “Not Gonna Be My Life”, the first with a rock pulse, the latter acoustically arranged. “Make Me Believe” is also not be overlooked – a sincere and peppy love song.

Determined to continue his career as independent artist, John Taglieri has recorded “Lucky #9” in his own studio assisted by Nashville’s producer Lee J. Turner.

This is a good musician, a ‘songwriter-performer’ delivering honest and real songs, filled with lyrics speaking about everyday themes most people can connect with easily.

John and his band has an excellent chemistry providing moments for each individual to shine while teaming up for effective ear pleasing harmonies.


1 – Losing Me

2 – I Never Knew

3 – Without You

4 – Dying Alive

5 – Make Me Believe

6 – Not Gonna Be My Life

John Taglieri – Vocals, Guitar

Brad Whitley – Guitar

Tom Darby – KeyboardsDave Willard – Bass

Rob Jackson – Drums


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