JANUARY JANE – No More Last Times (2012)

JANUARY JANE - No More Last Times (2012) mp3 download


JANUARY JANE came into this world after the chance meeting between singer Pat Via and guitarist MCM at a gallery opening in SoHo, New York, around 2008.

Fresh off of a stint on American Idol, Pat was itching to create an edgy, moderm melodic hard rock music and MCM’s six-string abilities were the perfect vehicle to canalize his aim.

MCM recruited his long time friend bassist Dan Krysa, then with drummer Chris Root Heinz and the beautiful looking female keyboardist DiFenni Shi the band completed the line-up.

January Jane’s debut “No More Last Times” is now available offering a bunch of highly catchy and polished tracks. Their sound is modern and edgy, yet stylistically rooted in eighties and nineties melodies.

With songs of the quality of the rocking “Champagne Suicide” and the ballad-like title track “No More Last Times” it looks like they could have a good future ahead of them. Both well composed and arranged tracks with radio potential.

“The Unknown” is quite heavy driven by an effective monster riff, however, my pick of the album is the modern day – though early nineties inspired – “Nothing Left”, a solid melodic hard rocker full of bite and groovy sharp guitars.

January Jane’s music is really melodic but with a razor edge provided by the very good guitars of mysterious axeman MCM.

Pat Via has the pipes and the rest of the band sounds cohesive over these polished and clean produced songs.

The band is currently in the studio finishing up their first full

length album to be released next year. If they can maintain the songwriting quality contained on “No More Last Times” then it should be well worth tracking down.

Good Stuff.

01 – Fallen So Far

02 – Champagne Suicide

03 – No More Last Times

04 – Nothing Left

05 – The Unknown

06 – No More Last Times (Extended Cut)

07 – Devouring Saturn

Pat Via – Vocals

MCM – Guitars

DiFenni – Keyboards

Dan Krysa – Bass

Christopher Root Heinz – Drums



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