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Born around 2008 in Larisa, Greece, female fronted hard rockers WILD KITTEN have released in their country the band’s self-produced, self-titled debut.

The group just signed a deal with Italian label Defox / Heart Of Steel Records to publish & distribute the recording worldwide on December 15.

After several changes in the line up and performing live shows all over Greece sharing stages with colleagues Wild Rose and Danger Angel or supporting international acts like Phantom-X, finally last year they went into the studio to record this debut consisting of seven tracks, including an interesting cover of Sandra’s ’80s dance anthem “In The Heat Of The Night”.

Wild Kitten plays energetic Hard Rock influenced by the eighties American style, with a touch of sleazy and hair metal.

First track entitled as the band is a catchy glammy melodic hard rocker with a very good rhythm and a nice solo. I like the supporting male vocal in the chorus and the use of cowbell.

Things gets harder with follower “F.U.C.K.”. As you expect is a dirty song driven by a crunchy guitar riff and sexual vocalization by singer Eliz FoxyFord. It’s a cool song yet not the best on offer here.

The pace continues with “Female Devil”, that starts with an impressive opening bass line before the explosive guitar hooks take off the song. Sonically this is like first Motley Crue with female vocals and (again) dirty lyrics. Good one.

“Get Down On My Knees” has a more classic hard rock structure, a solid track with intense riffage and more prominent rhythm section, while “Hell On My Wheels” is a party style rockin’ song, especially during the chorus.

“Illusion” reveals another aspect of the band moving into more melodic paths close to balladry with nice transitions between melodic and hard guitar riffs and some passionate vocals. A song in the style of Scorpions ‘When The Smoke Is Going Down’ but with a harder edge.

The cover of the well-known ’80s track in a hard rockin’ way “In The Heat Of The Night” is a good addition to the whole album, well arranged and played, although the drums sound a bit disjointed.

Wild Kitten is an interesting band, as combines classic eighties hard rock with female vocals, not easy to find these days.

There’s cool songs and proper musicianship, with a skilled producer and a label support this could be another fine exportation product from Greece.

01 – Wild Kitten

02 – F.U.C.K

03 – Female Devil

04 – Get Down On My Knees

05 – Hell On My Wheels

06 – Illusion

07 – In The Heat Of The Night (Sandra cover)

Eliz FoxyFord – Vocals

Nikki Love – Guitars

John A. Lytras – Guitars

Roxx Ztar – Drums

Patrick Starr – Bass

WILD KITTEN - ST (2012) cd



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