DIRTY PASSION – In Wonderland (2012)

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DIRTY PASSION is one of Sweden’s fastest growing rock bands and since its inception in Malmo around 2007 they have made a well established name around the world.

After the good debut ‘Different Tomorrow’ they’ve toured intensely both in the U.S. and Europe as headliner and support act for bands like Saxon, Y & T, Accept, L.A. Guns or Mike Tramp (White Lion) to name a few.

With new vocalist Kriss Lohikoski Svensson and Nasty Laine (ex- Gypsy Pistoleros) handling the bass, Dirty Passion are hoping to make it to the first league of Swedish Hard Rock with the new album “In Wonderland”.

After 8 months of writing and playing the new material live (most notably on the Dirty Passion/L.A. Guns European tour), the recording finally took place in July of 2012 and saw the band utilize four different studios including a return for the final mixing at the world-renowned Roasting House Studios.

First track “Into The Wild” is a bit of a shocker, as it’s a sleaze angry rocker with a ‘riot’ attitude. I don’t understand this track as opener, in fact, as a song belonging to this album. It has nothing to do with Dirty Passion’s style.

But things get back to reality since next track.

“Dead End” kicks off with a cool guitar work and new singer Kriss Svensson showing his real vocal color. The chorus is fun and filled with nice background vocals.

The catchy “Lovers Lane” follows and the band display their ’80s influences in this melodic hard rock tune full of swagger.

But Dirty Passion is trying a new sound on this new album, more straightforward and energetic.

I strongly believe that a song like the hard rockin’ anthem “Daughter of The Reaper” will make things happen for Dirty Passion. I found myself humming and singing it after the first time I heard it and with each new spin keeps getting better and better.

And there are more songs just like this, take for example “Sinner”, “Shadowland” and the catchy “Light Of The Candle” with its ‘whoa-oh’ all over. All genuine impactful rockers.

Of course we have more melodic moments in the midtempo “When Darkness Falls” with its big chorus ala ’18 And Life’ while the ballad “Make It Last” takes us straight to L.A. circa 1989.

“Addicted” is another semi-balladic track but with a different vibe, a bit of Hanoi Rocks, maybe with some Kix thrown in.

It’s always nice when a band takes that extra step forward that you believed they could. I liked Dirty Passion’s debut but it was rather clear the band had that little extra in them. And this is evident with “In Wonderland”.

The songwriting is much more solid, urgent, played with an energy and a catchiness taking up a place in your memory right from the first listen. There’s a living, vibrant spark that shines through the whole album which might just be the result of the new line-up and the accurate production.

“In Wonderland” is a giant step in Dirty Passion’s aim to become one of the biggest numbers in the overcrowded Swedish Hard Rock scene.


01 – Into The Wild

02 – Dead End

03 – Lovers Lane

04 – When Darkness Falls

05 – Sinner

06 – Make It Last

07 – Addicted

08 – Daughter Of The Reaper

09 – Light Of The Candle

10 – Stay With Me

11 – Shadowland

Kriss Lohikoski Svensson – Vocals

Christopher Olsson – Guitar

Nasty Laine – Bass

Markus Winberg – Drums & Percussion



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