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The much anticipated debut album by Swedish / English Hard Rock combo TAINTED NATION, entitled “F.E.A.R.”, finally is here. The recordings were done more than a year ago but negotiations with different labels delayed the release until 2013.

Formed by talented heads of the scene, that is; Lions Heart guitarist Ian Nash, great drummer Mark Cross (Outloud, Firewind), The Poodles bass player Pontus Egberg and Eden’s Curse drummer Pete Newdeck, whom in this case is at charge of lead vocals.

The reason of why “F.E.A.R.” impress is simple: Tainted Nation is focused to innovate in the Hard Rock style forging classic stylings with quite modern elements.

The ‘modern’ tag doesn’t mean radio-alt-mainstream sounds to emulate Nickelback and alikes, Tainted Nation tries to develop the traditional Hard structures into new rhythms and they succeed with brilliant results.

One of the main factors of this achievement is the superb production and the expertise hands of Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69) mixing and mastering. These departments were essential to crystallize the ‘new’ arrangements and offerings from Tainted Nation both sonically and compositional-wise.

Pete Newdeck is a revelation as singer, not for his powerhouse vocals or range, but for his cleverly way to arrange the harmonies, the choruses and verses.

Pete manages to keep you curious about what he will do next, while Ian Nash’s blistering riffs & solos and the unusual rhythm section (adding some electronics) always try to deliver something fresh. And it works.

All tracks are uptempo rockers, sometimes bombastic – except for one – but without becoming monotonous, songs full of energy and melodies that stand out from the usual ‘hard rock template’ making “F.E.A.R.” a very interesting listen.

I will not describe track by track, as this recording must be enjoyed entirely to appreciate how convincing is in its delivery.

Tainted Nation is the new wave, the new horizon in the Hard Rock scene, fresh and vital, with a modern style & sound bringing a new approach to the table.

A delayed release, but the wait paid its dividends, as “F.E.A.R.” is a real cracker.

Very Recommended.

01. Dare you

02. Loser

03. You still hang around

04. Nothing like you seem

05. Who’s watching you

06. Your only friend

07. Hell is a lie

08. Don‘t forget where you came from

09. Never promised you anything (feat. Ted Poley)

10. Haunted

11. Don’t tell me

12. What are you waiting for

Vocals – Pete Newdeck (Eden’s Curse, Grim Reaper)

Bass – Pontus Egberg (The Poodles, Lions Share, Zan Clan)

Guitar – Ian Nash (Steve Grimmett, Lionsheart)

Drums – Mark Cross (Outloud, Helloween, Kingdom Come)

Guest Vocals – Ted Poley (Danger Danger)

add. Guitars, Backing Vocals – Joel Peters

Mix and Mastering by Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69)



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