MÅRRAN (Goran Edman) – AP-IX (2016)

MÅRRAN (Goran Edman) - AP-IX (2016) full

Four years ago we presented on the blog the self-titled debut from MARRAN, the Scandinavian band featuring excellent vocalist Goran Edman. Seems they turned Sweden’s most productive band as since then, they have released 2 other full albums plus a couple of singles and EPs.
Now Mårran are delivering “AP-IX“, their 4th effort, which is the second part of a double series initiated with the previous full length (both albums are being released together as well as a double digipak ecobook).

For those of you who have missed the band, this is where you now find Malmsteen / Madison / Kharma / etc singer Göran Edman doing his own, from the heart.
The difference compared to his other works? Göran Edman does here what he loves most; Classic Rock, groove-oriented, Seventies tinged, analogue hard rock of the highest order. Well, besides the obvious musical style, Göran here sings in Swedish. But don’t worry, fits him like a glove!

The drums are handled by one of the forefathers of Swedish hard rock, Björn Inge (formerly of hard rock pioneers November) still bringing the same high quality groove and power, well, actually better now than before.
Hammond B3 organ player Max Lorentz is known for his work as producer and musician for very many artists in Sweden and Denmark, while guitarist Ludde Larsson is a great bluesy hard rock, yet technical and very tasteful player.

MÅRRAN (Goran Edman) - AP-IX (2016)inside

Early Whitesnake, some Deep Purple, Black Country Communion, Glenn Hughes, Bad Company and alike is the motto here, and Mårran truly sounds awesome at it. Melodic guitar riffs, swirling Hammond lines and a groovy rhythm section are the order of the day, all served with class and emotion.
Talking about the vocals, Göran Edman simply shines. You can give him a melodic rock, AOR, heavy, prog or whatever song and he does it perfectly.

But let me tell you that Göran’s presence in Mårran is not the hired-singer slot, his involvement in the band is as full member, as in his own words, this is his favorite genre. So he sings his heart out on these tracks in a performance plenty of fire and soul.
In fact, Göran wrote most the music, not the lyrics, so this give you the idea this material comes from his heart.

MÅRRAN (Goran Edman) - AP-IX (2016) cd photo

Since their formation, Mårran has taken a risk as the songs are sung in Swedish, and same happens in “AP-IX”. But honestly, I don’t care… this material just oozes quality all over. In fact, Swedish tongue sounds really nice and gives to their music a distinctive touch.
An outstanding piece of high-class Classic (Hard) Rock music.

01 – Söderhamn
02 – Jag Och Alice
03 – Häxans Sеng
04 – Längtans Marionetter
05 – Domedagen
06 – Flygande Mattan (Terniema Souriah)
07 – Damernas (Inget På Ikväll)
08 – I Getsemane
09 – Svarta Lådan
10 – Flickan Från Igår

Göran Edman – Vocals
Max Lorentz – Keyboards
Ludde Larsson – Guitar
Morgan Korsmoe – Bass
Björn ‘Binge’ Inge – Drums


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