SUZI QUATRO – Legend ; The Best Of [remastered] (2017)

SUZI QUATRO - Legend ; The Best Of [remastered] (2017) full

Chrysalis Records is releasing today “The Best of Suzi Quatro: Legend”. The 20 track compilation album has been personally curated by SUZI QUATRO featuring digitally remastered versions of all her biggest hits including “Can The Can”, “48 Crash”, “Devil Gate Drive”, and “Stumblin’ In”. The album will be available as well on Gold coloured double vinyl.

For the very first time, material from Suzi’s four RAK studio albums are being digitally remastered 2017 from the original 1/4″ stereo tapes.
There’s not only the hits from that era, but also the singer’s favorite ‘inside tracks’, especially the ones written by herself. Additionally, you have three newer songs.

Quatro’s career has spanned over fifty years and this album contains all of her greatest hits, remastered for a modern audience.
Around the same time, her first four albums will get the same treatment and be re-released soon.

You can check out the tracklist before and even for someone like me who’d not call themselves a fan, there’s more than a couple of familiar songs. Opener “Can The Can” was Quatro’s first solo hit. The thumping drums and bass intro are as recognisable now as they were the first time around. The organ in the background sets the song firmly in the era, and everything is crystal clear courtesy of the remastering.

Quatro obviously went for the ‘wild child / chicks in leather’ theme in a big way, as evidenced by song titles such as “Shine My Machine”, “Daytona Demon”, “The Wild One” and “48 Crash”.
The belters are tempered by the likes of “Wiser Than You” with its country overtones and the far lighter sound of “Free the Butterfly”.

With a decent number of songs on here, the breadth of Quatro’s musical range has been well explored.
For the avid fan considering getting the aforementioned upcoming album reissues, this will make a good companion piece as several tracks present here aren’t present on any of the four. This is the only place you’ll get the remastered versions of the songs.
For the interested bystander, you won’t get a better “best of” than this one. If you want to add a score of Quatro numbers to your collection, then you’ve just found them.

01 – Can the Can (2017 Remaster)
02 – Shine My Machine (2017 Remaster)
03 – 48 Crash (2017 Remaster)
04 – Skin Tight Skin (2017 Remaster)
05 – Daytona Demon (2017 Remaster)
06 – Devil Gate Drive (2017 Remaster)
07 – The Wild One [single version] (2017 Remaster)
08 – Cat Size (2017 Remaster)
09 – Too Big (2017 Remaster)
10 – Michael (2017 Remaster)
11 – Half as Much as Me (2017 Remaster)
12 – Stumblin’ In (2017 Remaster)
13 – If You Cant Give Me Love (2017 Remaster)
14 – Suicide (2017 Remaster)
15 – Wiser Than You (2017 Remaster)
16 – She’s in Love with You (2017 Remaster)
17 – Hollywood (2017 Remaster)
18 – 15 Minutes of Fame
19 – Free the Butterfly
20 – Dancing in the Wind


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