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American melodic hard rockers LITTLE CAESAR have signed a global deal with Golden Robot Records for the release of their new album, “Eight“, on March 16.
“Eight” is the band’s first studio album in six years, and lead single ‘Time Enough For That’ is a reflective, semi power ballad that is a total lighters (or phones) in the air midtempo melodic rock smash with that late ’80s feel intact, as the entire record.

Little Caesar were a band largely apart from the Hollywood scene of the day musically, though they did have approximate peers in bands like Junkyard, Rock City Angels and Salty Dog, though in truth none of those bands had the smooth rumble or sheer class of Little Caesar in full flight.

For me, Little Caesar are one of those bands that can do little wrong. They fall into this ultra rare and very special place, they deliver soulful straight ahead hard driving melodic rock and roll and they sound like they are having a blast doing it.
So just like cracking open that ice cold bottle of Coca-Cola, I know exactly what to expect from a new Little Caesar record and my tastebuds are anxious for a taste.

The 1-2-3 punch of ’21 Again’, ‘Mama Tried’ and my personal favorite ‘Vegas’ make a great triple-track start.
On an album that throws a few gentle but effective curve balls ‘Mama Tried’ picks up the pace and introduces a hint of Country to a down home tale of woe, it’s simple, direct and irresistible.
‘Vegas’ takes us back to a more familiar neighborhood, sets up a righteous Little Caesar groove, with great guitars and trademark harmonies, it has all that you want from the band with the swagger of their debut and the confidence of age, it’s all wrapped up in a great tale of the City of Sin.

‘Crushed Velvet’ that follows is a little more introspective and its dark groove give room for lead vocals to, oppositely, shine.
‘Good Times’ then offers up a dirtier riff and it’s that patina that always been a big part of the charm of Little Caesar. To provide variation, ‘Straight Shooter’” is as close you will get to anything modern sounding, a balls-out rocker with a punchy riff.

LITTLE CAESAR - Eight (2018) inside

The slow and smokey ballad ‘Time Enough for That’ does what Little Caesar always did best of all – gently unfolding a sweet soulful song with a gentle melody, dripping in emotion that fits beautifully in the lineage of tracks classic like ‘From the Start’ or ‘I Wish It Would Rain’.
I purposely skipped track 6, ‘Time Enough For That’ which I just learned is the first single from the record. An absolutely gorgeous mid-tempo rocker that lyrically kills it. Encouraging us to hold on to the good things in our lives and live more in the moment. Ron Young is far and away one of the most soulful rock vocalists alive.

For those that are looking for stripped down melodic rock, honest, with no fluff, no gimmicks, and no excuses, Little Caesar’s “Little Caesar” is for you.
It’s all blood and wood, no electronics here, no bombast, but wrapped by a very well polished melodious production.
Highly Recommended

01 – 21 Again
02 – Mama Tried
03 – Vegas
04 – Crushed Velvet
05 – Good Times
06 – Time Enough For That
07 – Straight Shooter
08 – Another Fine Mess
09 – Morning
10 – That’s Alright

Ron Young – Vocals
Loren Molinare – Guitar, Vocals
Pharoah Barrett – Bass, Vocals
Tom Morris – Drums
Alex Kane- Guitar, Vocals

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