WHITESNAKE – Come An’ Get It [Japan SHM-CD remastered MiniLP +6]

WHITESNAKE - Come An' Get It [Japan SHM-CD remastered MiniLP +6] full

As requested, here’s the only version on SHM-CD / cardboard sleeve of WHITESNAKE‘s “Saints & Sinners”, remastered plus 6 bonus tracks. In my humble opinion, this is the best version you can get in terms of sound.
“Come An’ Get It” is not considered by critics as the best Whitesnake album, however, it’s a very good classic hard rock record.

When it hit the market in the early ’80s critics called “Come An’ Get It” ‘average’, ‘mediocre’, … and just about every other more or less nasty adjective in-between. Maybe lyrically, but musically they simply missed the mark.
Around the time, David Coverdale assembled a seriously tight band that included the ridiculously stellar line-up of Micky Moody & Bernie Marsden on guitars / backing vocals, Jon Lord on keyboards, Neil Murray on bass and the fabulously in-the-pocket Ian Paice on drums.

You couldn’t – and can’t – really get better than that.
These guys not only had some great albums on their roster as Whitesnake, they had also racked up some serious karma from all their other live, studio and band projects.

So, when the critics ravaged this album shortly upon release, I begged to differ. I was never one to pay too much attention to lyrics within this genre of music, a genre that really did not rely on literary excellence, but I did pay much closer attention to musical craftsmanship and excellence.
“Come An’ Get It” delivered in spades.
It had a well-rounded sound (produced by the great Martin Birch), the guitar and organ-heavy sound I had grown accustomed to, plus a whole load of excellent hooks that have stayed with me until this very moment.

“Wine, Women and Song“, “Girl“, “Don’t Break My Heart Again“, “Child of Babylon“, “Hit and Run“, and “Hot Stuff” rocked my world and the first two tracks listed here have been played so often at my place that even the rats hide when I put them on once again.

I have never understood how people who gave ‘Givin’ the Dog a Bone’ (AC/DC) a thumbs up could dump on “Girl“, both of which are favorite tunes of mine, not because of their pimple-faced lyrics but because they had those riffs that got my blood boiling … and still do.
Call me simple-minded, but when Whitesnake and – especially Ian Paice – started on that really tight groove on “Girl“, I just couldn’t sit still. I still can’t today.
As bonus tracks, we have some interesting Alternate Versions / Mixes.

WHITESNAKE - Come An' Get It [Japan SHM-CD remastered MiniLP +6] back

Several hundred weekends later, I bought this SHM-CD remastered MiniLP and what I heard actually sounded close enough to what I experienced when I first put on the LP on release day in 1981.
You know, this kind of analog-recorded albums never feel ‘comfortable’ on digital formats, but this SHM-CD is the best you can find.
It isn’t perfect, but it is much better than all the other remasters that buried the balanced and rather polished sound the release had had ages ago on vinyl.
Highly Recommended

Universal Japan UICY-20237 【LTD SHM-CD

01 – Come An’ Get It
02 – Hot Stuff
03 – Don’t Break My Heart Again
04 – Lonely Days, Lonely Nights
05 – Wine Women And Song
06 – Child Of Babylon
07 – Would I Lie To You
08 – Girl
09 – Hit An’ Run
10 – Till The Day I Die
11 – Child Of Babylon (Alternate Rough Mix)
12 – Girl (Alternate Version / Rough Mix)
13 – Come An’ Get It (Rough Mix)
14 – Lonely Days, Lonely Nights (Alternate Version)
15 – Till The Day I Die (Rough Mix)
16 – Hit An’ Run (Backing Track)

David Coverdale – vocals
Micky Moody – guitar, backing vocals
Bernie Marsden – guitar, backing vocals
Jon Lord – keyboards
Neil Murray – bass guitar
Ian Paice – drums


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