BRIGHTON ROCK – Love Machine [Official Reissue +1]

BRIGHTON ROCK - Love Machine [2016 Reissue +1] full

The great albums by Canadian melodic hard rockers BRIGHTON ROCK have been out of print for many years, but now the band made them available again! On the blog we presented their first, now it’s time for the killer “Love Machine“, in this official reissue including a previously unreleased track.

Brighton Rock are still alive & kickin’ 2016 with all the original line-up intact rocking Canadian venues and fans raving for the band’s celebrated albums to be reissued.
After a promising indie EP, Brighton Rock got a contract with major label WEA and recorded ‘Young, Wild And Free’ in 1986. Unlike most the high quality bands active in Canada at the time (Honeymoon Suite, Triumph, Loverboy for example) which delivered stylized melodic rock, Brighton Rock played fairly straightforward Hollywood-style hair metal / hard rock.

However, their style has more in common with acts such as early Cinderella, Britny Fox or early Van Halen than the pop-metal flair. And this is clear more than ever on “Love Machine”, a pure hard rock affair.
According to vocalist Gerry McGhee this was the record the band really wanted to make. They wanted to move in the same vein as Tesla, Kix, Ozzy Osbourne, etc instead of the typical Canadian rock band of the era. So “Love Machine” was a return to the true ballsy intended sound of Brighton Rock.

BRIGHTON ROCK - Love Machine [2016 Reissue +1] booklet

Almost all the tracks here contain a great hook and a catchy chorus,, with the punchy ‘Heart of Steel’ and ‘Mr. Mistreater’ being really hard rockin’, of ‘Bulletproof’ plenty of attitude.
The title tracks rocks driven by an unrelentingly riff, and the anthemic ”Love In A Bottle” (a favorite) it’s full of terrific, huge gang-like backing vocals all over.

There’s no place for ballads here, but ‘Still The One’ provides variation with its cool midtempo pace, then the band does a superb take on the classic ‘Cocaine’ (made famous by Eric Clapton) arranged with a hard rock groove.

BRIGHTON ROCK - Love Machine [2016 Reissue +1] back

“Love Machine” was the last Brighton Rock album from the golden era as the next year split when the musical climate changed. But what a darn fine way to say goodbye. The guitars bite, the rhythm section it’s an oiled machine and the vocals are arranged and performed with tons of fire.
This reissue is not remastered but the transfer from the original tapes is excellent, million miles away from the original CD version. With the new transferring technology everything sound punchy and full.

Additionally, we have as bonus a previously unreleased track called ‘Gang Bang’ removed from the original release by Brighton Rock’s label Warner Canada for lyrical content (even though the same label released Get The Fuck Out by Skid Row at the same time). It’s a kick ass, dirty hard rock tune with all the magic from the era.
This one was requested by one of you, place yours!
A HIGHLY Recommended piece of pure late ’80s / early ’90s Hard Rock.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox


01 – Bulletproof
02 – Hollywood Shuffle
03 – Love Machine
04 – Still The One
05 – Mr. Mistreater
06 – Nightstalker
07 – Love In A Bottle
08 – Nothin’ To Lose
09 – Heart Of Steel
10 – Cocaine
11 – Magic Is Back
12 – Gang Bang [previously unreleased]

Gerry McGhee – Vocals
Greg Fraser – Guitar
Steve Skreebs – Bass
Mark Cavarzan – Drums


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