STEEL PANTHER – Heavy Metal Rules (2019)

STEEL PANTHER - Heavy Metal Rules (2019) full

California’s greatest export and renowned feminist supporters STEEL PANTHER recently took a break from working with NASA scientists on a multiple orgasm inducing guitar pedal to record their fifth studio album “Heavy Metal Rules”, scheduled for release on September 27. The album is destined to become an instant classic in the band’s catalog; they have created the heavy metal version of a self-help manual and ultimate party album combined.
“Heavy Metal Rules” is the ultimate party album. Anthem after anthem and hook after hook, the songs will provide the soundtrack to your new bitchin’ heavy metal life.

From the opening track “Zebraman” (which is audio taken from the classic film “Heavy Metal Parking Lot”) to the emotional album closer “I Ain’t Buying What You’re Selling”, Steel Panther has created 36 minutes of audio fun.
Songs like “Let’s Get High Tonight”, “Fuck Everybody” and “Gods Of Pussy” are destined to become natural additions to the band’s setlist. “I’m Not Your Bitch” is an anthem for all acknowledged genders and sexual orientations worldwide.


1. Zebraman
2. All I Wanna Do Is F@ck (Myself Tonight)
3. Let’s Get High Tonight
4. Always Gonna Be A Ho
5. I’m Not Your Bitch
6. F@uck Everybody
7. Heavy Metal Rules
8. Sneaky Little Bitch
9. Gods Of Pussy
10. I Ain’t Buying What You’re Selling

Michael Starr – lead and backing vocals
Satchel – guitar, backing vocals
Lexxi Foxx – bass, backing vocals
Stix Zadinia – drums, backing vocals


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  1. Russ Nussman says:

    Instant classic it is not. This is by far their worst release. Lame with a capital L. I think they finally ran out of ideas. R.I.P. Steel Panther

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