THE BABYS – Silver Dreams: Complete Albums 1975-1980 [HNE 6xCD Clamshell Boxset] (2019)

THE BABYS - Silver Dreams: Complete Albums 1975-1980 [HNE 6xCD Clamshell Boxset] (2019) full

“Silver Dreams: The Complete Albums 1975-1980” is a fitting and thorough testament to THE BABYS, a band that truly deserved to crossover into mainstream success. On this HNE / Cherry Red Records release includes all the band’s albums remastered, each including juicy bonus tracks.
As a bonus, this collection’s 6th disc kicks off with the live, promo only “Live At The Tower Theatre, Philadelphia” from a 1977 concert whilst promoting their debut record. To complete the picture we go back to their very first recordings, with the unreleased “The Official Unofficial BABYS Album”.

The Babys are probably better known for what their various members achieved later in their careers; singer John Waite’s massive solo success with the single ‘Missing You’ in 1984, and keyboard player Jonathan Cain, who would go on to be a principal member and songwriter with Journey.
In fact you’d be forgiven for thinking that The Babys were an American band, such was their impact on the US during the latter half of the 1970s and into the early 1980s, but their origins go back to London in 1974, when keyboard player Mike Corby met Adrian Millar, who were joined by Wally Stocker on lead guitar, Tony Brock on drums, and singer/ bass guitarist John Waite.

Although an album was recorded and shelved in 1975, included here on CD6 as “The Official Unofficial BABYS Album”, for the debut album proper they signed to Chrysalis Records in 1976 to release their eponymous debut, “The Babys”.
Co-produced by Bob Ezrin, “The Babys” set their stall out from the beginning as melodic rockers, propelled by John Waite’s bluesy, soulful vocals. Bonus tracks are ‘If You’ve Got The Time’ (Alternative Mix), ‘Head Above The Waves’ (B-Side) and ‘If You’ve Got The Time’ (radio-promo mono).

Released within a year, 1977’s “Broken Heart” featured the hit singles ‘Isn’t It Time’ (US #13 & UK #45) and ‘Silver Dreams’.
This time the album was produced by Ron Nevison, famed for his work for The Who, Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy and Bad Company, as well as Chrysalis label mates UFO. Bonus tracks are ‘Money (That’s What I Want)’, ‘Silver Dreams (7” mono)’, plus single edit and radio-promo mono versions of ‘Isn’t It Time’.

Sticking with Ron Nevison for 1978’s “Head First”, The Babys had trimmed down to a three-piece of John Waite, Wally Stocker and Tony Brock. Peaking at #22, “Head First” was their highest charting US album, and features the 7” single versions of ‘Every Time I Think Of You’ (US #13) plus the title track, ‘Head First’.

Produced by Keith Olsen, famed for his platinum work with the Rick Springfield, Pat Benatar, Heart, Whitesnake, Foreigner and REO Speedwagon, by 1980’s “Union Jacks” The Babys had been joined by Jonathan Cain on keyboards and Ricky Phillips on bass.
Featuring the singles ‘Midnight Rendezvous’ and ‘Back On My Feet Again’, 7” radio-promo mono versions of these tracks are also included as bonus tracks.

Sticking with producer Keith Olsen, and maintaining the same line-up as “Union Jacks”, their fifth and final album in as many years was 1980’s “On The Edge”. Featuring mono versions of ‘Turn And Walk Away’ and ‘Postcard’, The Babys split shortly after the album’s release.

As a bonus, and a must have, there’s the electrifying live promo only “Live At The Tower Theatre, Philadelphia” from a 1977, and the aforementioned, much sought after unreleased “The Official Unofficial BABYS Album”.
HIGHLY Recommended


Disc: 1 THE BABYS (1976)
1. Looking For Love
2. If You’ve Got The Time
3. I Believe In Love
4. Wild Man
5. Laura
6. I Love How You Love Me
7. Rodeo
8. Over And Over
9. Read My Stars
10. Dying Man
11. If You’ve Got The Time (Alternative Mix/Version)
12. Head Above The Waves (Single B-Side)
13. If You’ve Got The Time (Mono)

Disc: 2 BROKEN HEART (1977)
1. Wrong Or Right
2. Give Me Your Love
3. Isn’t It Time
4. And If You Could See Me Fly
5. The Golden Mile
6. Broken Heart
7. I’m Falling
8. Rescue Me
9. Silver Dreams
10. A Piece Of The Action
11. Money (That’s What I Want)
12. Silver Dreams (Mono)
13. Isn’t It Time (Single Edit)
14. Isn’t It Time (Mono)

Disc: 3 HEAD FIRST (1978)
1. Love Don’t Prove I’m Right
2. Every Time I Think Of You
3. I Was One
4. White Lightning
5. Run To Mexico
6. Head First
7. You (Got It)
8. Please Don’t Leave Me Here
9. California
10. Head First (Single Edit)
11. Every Time I Think Of You (Single Edit)
12. Head First (Mono)
13. Every Time I Think Of You (Mono)

Disc: 4 UNION JACKS (1980)
1. Back On My Feet Again
2. True Love True Confession
3. Midnight Rendezvous
4. Union Jack
5. In Your Eyes
6. Anytime
7. Jesus, Are You There?
8. Turn Around In Tokyo
9. Love Is Just A Mystery
10. Midnight Rendezvous (Single Edit)
11. Intro (Live in Cleveland)
12. Broken Heart (Live in Cleveland)
13. Money (That’s What I Want) (Live in Cleveland)
14. Everytime I Think Of You (Live in Cleveland)
15. Isn’t It Time (Live in Cleveland)
16. Head First (Live in Cleveland)
17. Back On My Feet Again (Mono)
18. Midnight Rendezvous (Mono)

Disc: 5 ON THE EDGE (1980)
1. Turn And Walk Away
2. Sweet 17
3. She’s My Girl
4. Darker Side Of Town
5. Rock ‘N’ Roll Is (Alive And Well)
6. Downtown
7. Postcard
8. Too Far Gone
9. Gonna Be Somebody
10. Love Won’t Wait
11. Turn And Walk Away (Mono)
12. Postcard (Mono)

Disc: 6
1. Lookin’ For Love
2. Rodeo
3. Wild Man
4. If You’ve Got The Time
5. I Believe In Love
6. Give Me Your Love
7. If You Could See Me Fly
8. Bitch Or Angel
9. I Wear Your Ring
10. I’m Falling
11. Time On My Hands
12. You’ll Get Yours
13. Do It Nice
14. Step In Line
15. Rainy Day
16. Jack The Lad
17. If You Could See Me Fly



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