SOJOURN – Lookin’ For More [AOR Heaven Special Edition remastered +10]

SOJOURN - Lookin' For More [AOR Heaven Special Edition remastered +10] full

As requested, here we have the AOR Heaven Records remastered reissue of American AOR / Pomp / melodic rockers SOJOURN first album, 1985’s “Lookin’ For More“, including no less than 10 bonus tracks, all the previously unreleased 1982-1984 demo sessions the band did before the debut LP.
While “Lookin’ For More” was originally released on a small label, the album received radio airplay not only on a local level but throughout Europe, and future look bright for band. Sojourn’s history is indeed a colorful one from appearing on the now legendary compilation ‘Hot Nights In The City’ to a prized spot opening for Mr. Mister.
Sojourn in many ways sound like a development of the classic major bands of that era, playing radio friendly melodic rock with strong AOR / Pomp influences, often compared with BOSTON, JOURNEY, STYX, SURVIVOR, etc.

Hailing from Utah, a US state that scarcely makes a blip on the melodic rock radar, SOJOURN was formed in the early ’80s by guitarist Doug Robinson. The band soon built up a strong local following, even winning a radio station sponsored ‘Battle of the Bands’ contest, and quickly set about recording a serie of demos – all included here as bonus tracks.
By the end of 1984 they secured a deal with a regional label. The recording of their debut “Lookin’ For More” took place on a local studio, and the album initially only released on tape in November 1985, but soon sold out and a LP vinyl version followed in March of the next year with national distribution.

“Lookin’ For More” is plenty of good melodic riffs, keyboards runs and cool choruses.
The title track is a perfect opener, its melodic guitar work, combining with stabbing keys to great effect. ‘Healing Wings’ is a ballad fit for a soundtrack and one of their better known tracks, then the harder edged ‘Lives Upon The Shore’ include timeless synths giving the track mass appeal.

There are shades of SURVIVOR heard during ‘Holding On To You’ and the tension of ‘We Were So Young’ is textbook AOR drama, with incessant keyboards at the fore.
Another classy AOR gem appear with “I’ve Been Runnin'”, where the opening organ lines suggests BOSTON, but it soon evolves into an early ’80s inspired romp, the guitar work being the highpoint again, rounding out an almost faultless set.

For period AOR “Lookin’ For More” is hard to beat and the reputation SOJOURN gained was well earned. This album is highly rated amongst classic AOR collectors and was much sought after for many years.
This remaster takes the best of it – very good production sound for an indie record – and the band’s early demos are really palatable as well.
Highly Recommended


01 – Lookin’ for More
02 – Blame It On MTV
03 – Healing Wings
04 – Lives Upon the Shore
05 – The Sun Back Home
06 – Holding On to You
07 – We Were So Young
08 – I’ve Been Runnin’
BONUS TRACKS [1982-1984 sessions]:
09 – Heartache Runaway
10 – Pick Up the Pieces
11 – I Could Love You More
12 – Ceilo Bay
13 – When My Ship Comes In
14 – I’ll Be There
15 – Lost You in the Wind
16 – I Still Need You
17 – Straight On
18 – Two Strikes

Vocals, Keyboards – Kevin Bullock
Guitar – Doug Robinson
Bass – Dane Spencer
Drums – Doug Pectol



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