SKIN – Up Close And Personal (2021)

SKIN - Up Close And Personal (2021) full

Few days ago we featured in exclusive SHADES OF GREY, the new project from ex- JAGGED EDGE / SKIN guitarist & vocalist Myke Gray. He is reissuing by himself as well SKIN‘s album “Up Close And Personal“, originally available en 2009 in limited copies and long time out of print.
“Up Close And Personal” was the ‘reunion’ album for SKIN as a band, as they were freezed for some time. It’s an acoustic affair featuring new arrangements, re-imagined songs with a different and very enjoyable approach. We find new material into the track list as well.
This re-release features new artwork and it’s available exclusively from Myke Gray’s website.
Highly Recommended


01 – Look But Don’t Touch
02 – Re-United
03 – Tripping
04 – Redemption
05 – Take Me Down To The River
06 – Do You Ever Think About Me?
07 – I Feel For You
08 – Put Me Back Together
09 – Juliet
10 – Face To Face
11 – Falling
12 – Tower Of Strength

Neville MacDonald – vocals, guitar
Myke Gray – guitars, vocals
Andy Robbins – bass
Dicki Fliszar – drums, percussion



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