CREATION V – In The Beginning (2022)

CREATION V - In The Beginning (2022) full

CREATION V is the new band of Dave Mikeal, known by melodic rock aficionados as the guitarist for “MPG”, the group & album of the same name on CBS in 1981 which over the years became a cult LP and was reissued by Retrospect Records later. Mikeal got his own band DAVID releasing some albums during the Nineties and since then concentrated in producing new artists at his own Studio Live USA.
But you never forget your first love… a couple years ago Mikeal wanted to record the many songs he wrote all over the years, and instead going solo, formed CREATION V.
The result is ”In The Beginning”, the group’s debut CD of original material recorded, mixed and mastered over the last 2 years at his own studio, and where Mikeal delivers the type of tunes and arrangements we all love.
Strongly ’80s influenced with nice melodies / harmonies as main focus, this is timeless American melodic rock served with an earthy sound, real musicians playing real instruments.


01 – One
02 – Out Of Control
03 – Ain’t It Tough Now
04 – Save The World
05 – Number One
06 – All Your Love
07 – First Kiss
08 – Crazy Love
09 – Things We Do
10 – The Word Is Good
11 – Wolves Of Stanislav
12 – Lazarus Arise

Dave Mikeal – vocals, guitar
Jay Newcomer – keyboards, vocals
Mark Stephenson – drums, vocals
Jim Smith – bass, vocals



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