JIMI JAMISON – Unreleased Music (Jimi’s own release)

JIMI JAMISON - Unreleased Music (2012) mp3 download

JIMI JAMISON is, without a doubt, a Rock ‘n Roll icon. With recent release of his 1989-1990 shelved album ‘Rock Hard’, many of you asked for this one. Some time before passing away, Jamison released by himself “Unreleased Music“, a collection of never released recordings from the past.
Around 2005-2007 Jamison teamed up again with longtime collaborator Kenny Mims from Nashville and tracked down some original tunes written by the duo, all shelved.
These are beautiful Melodic Rock songs, some with a blues and country/Americana flavor and the typical Jimi Jamison touch. Although including some acoustic instrumentation all are electric-based with a Rock pulse where the magical voice of Jimi takes the central stage.

There’s a couple of songs penned with former Survivor guitarist/keyboardist Jim Peterik destined for an album together that never was finished.
One of them is “Sound Of Home” (recorded by Peterik’s for Pride Of Lion 1st album) presented here in a more Classic Rock style, and “Heart Of A Woman” which appeared in Jamison/Peterik album ‘Extra Moments’, but this is a completely different version.

“Unreleased Music” is an official release by Jimi Jamison own label / publishing SongCast. It shows Jimi’s more organic, Classic Rock side, but don’t be fooled, this stuff rocks from the heart.
As all touched by this unique singer, “Unreleased Music” is a must have for any Melodic Rock / AOR fan.
Highly Recommended


01 – Bring ‘Em Back

02 – Miss That Girl

03 – Till You Love Someone

04 – The Sound Of Home

05 – A Kiss To Remember You By

06 – Emily Lives In My Guitar

07 – Language Of Love

08 – Heart Of A Woman

Personnel unlisted



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