CREAM – Gold [Japan SHM-CD / 2-disc Limited Release]

CREAM - Gold [Japan SHM-CD / 2-disc Limited Release] - full

As requested, here’s the definitive CREAM album, the 2-disc “Gold” in its Japanese SHM-CD pressing, all remastered material. There has been no shortage of Cream compilations over the years — as a matter of fact, they far outnumber the group’s actual albums, of which there were merely four (true, they were recorded during an insanely productive two-year lifespan) — but ”Gold” is arguably the best of the lot.
Released as part of Universal’s ongoing Gold series, Cream’s installment spans 29 tracks over the course of two discs, with the first being devoted to their studio work (it weighs in at 21 tracks) and the second devoted to live recordings (it runs only eight songs, which illustrates how much they improvised in concert).

Not only are all of the usual suspects here — the hits “I Feel Free,” “Strange Brew,” “Sunshine of Your Love,” “Tales of Brave Ulysses,” “Badge,” “Swlabr,” “Crossroads,” and “Politician” — but this includes such gems as “World of Pain,” “Passing the Time,” “Doing That Scrapyard Thing,” and “What a Bringdown.”

While there are a handful of cuts that might have deserved inclusion, everything essential is here, and each disc draws a near-definitive portrait of what the group achieved on-stage and in the studio. As a (relatively) concise overview, Gold can’t be beat — it tells you everything you need to know about this legendary supergroup.
Highly Recommended



Disc I – In The Studio
01 – I Feel Free
02 – N.S.U.
03 – Sweet Wine
04 – I’m So Glad
05 – Strange Brew
06 – Sunshine Of Your Love
07 – World Of Pain
08 – Tales Of Brave Ulysses
09 – Swlabr
10 – We’re Going Wrong
11 – White Room
12 – Sitting On Top Of The World
13 – Passing The Time
14 – Politician
15 – Those Were The Days
16 – Born Under A Bad Sign
17 – Deserted Cities Of The Heart
18 – Anyone For Tennis
19 – Badge
20 – Doing That Scrapyard Thing
21 – What A Bringdown

Disc II – Live
01 – N.S.U. (Live)
02 – Sleepy Time Time (Live)
03 – Rollin’ And Tumblin’ (Live)
04 – Spoonful (Live)
05 – Crossroads (Live)
06 – Sunshine Of Your Love (Live)
07 – I’m So Glad (Live)
08 – Toad (Live)

Eric Clapton – guitar, 12-string guitar, vocals
Ginger Baker – drums, percussion, vocals
Jack Bruce – bass, piano, vocals, harmonica


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