CONEY HATCH – Live at the El Mocambo [Limited to 300 / Sold Out] (2021) HQ *0dayrox Exclusive*

CONEY HATCH - Live at the El Mocambo [Limited to 300 / Sold Out] (2021) HQ *0dayrox Exclusive* - full

It only took four decades, but like a fine Chardonnay, time made it just parfait. Canadian legends CONEY HATCH’s first official live album, “Live at the El Mocambo“, recorded back in October 2020 at the legendary El Mocambo is, in a word: perfect.
First, let’s define “perfect”.
“Perfect” doesn’t mean “exactly like the studio versions”. Not when we’re talking about live albums. It means there’s an exciting vibe, great songs, top-notch performances, and a band that sounds like they’re out for blood. Coney sound as if there was no pressure – but they delivered their best anyway.
Over 15 tracks ”Live at the El Mocambo” represents the entire career of Coney Hatch, including all your favourites like “Stand Up”, “Devil’s Deck”, “Monkey Bars”, and “Hey Operator”. A couple great tunes from Coney Hatch Four (like “Marseilles”) prove that the Hatch lost nothing when they reunited a few years back.
While everyone will have their own highlights, “Wrong Side of Town” absolutely smokes. The album is paced perfectly with more contemplative tunes like “She’s Gone” balanced out by bangers like “Boys Club”.
Limited to signed, numbered 300 copies, “Live at the El Mocambo” is already sold out. And it’s a collector’s item.

Packaged in a white sleeve replicating a 70s bootleg album, “Live at the El Mocambo” doesn’t sounds like a bootleg at all. The quality is perfect, a real rock n’ roll band captured with everything sounding clear and powerful.
The on-stage banter by Andy Curran and Carl Dixon is warm and humorous. It’s clear that they appreciate where they are in their careers now, fortunate to have this amazing second run.
In the back, drummer Dave “Thumper” Ketchum gives us an idea of how he earned that nickname. But let’s not forget the newest member, guitarist Sean Kelly, who proves why he is one of the most in-demand players you’re likely to hear these days. His ripping licks on this record are hair raising.

Another strength is that these guys have lost nothing in terms of vocal abilities. It’s all there. How Carl hits the notes he does, is actually unknown to modern science. Andy Curran has just as much expression as ever, the ying the Carl’s yang. When the band sing together on a big chorus, it’s arena-ready.

The first 100 copies came signed by all four members, and with a Coney Hatch can cooler.
If that’s not an invitation to get your buzz on with this great album, I don’t know what is. It’s done in true bootleg style: plain white cover, with logo stamped on the front, and plain white labels on the records. The track listing is on a separate insert.
There’s a re-print both on vinyl and CD due popular demand, but already sold out as well.

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01 – We Got The Night
02 – Stand Up
03 – First Time Of Everything
04 – Wrong Side Of Town
05 – She’s Gone
06 – Boys Club
07 – Don’t Say Make Me
08 – Some Like It Hot
09 – Hey Operator
10 – Blown Away
11 – Fallen Angel
12 – Devil’s Deck
13 – Monkey Bars
14 – Marseilles
15 – No Sleep Tonight

Carl Dixon – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Andy Curran – bass guitar, vocals
Dave Ketchum – drums
Sean Kelly – guitar


Sold Out

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    Dear friend. Excellent post. I am feeling as I was on my parents living room in early 80’s hearing “Monkey Bars” in a so-high volume my mom was going crazy.

    However, it wouyld be nice to have the option to DL from Rapidgator.

    Warmest regards from Brazil.

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