STITCH – Beyond The Devil’s Deal [2-CD Cult Metal Classics remaster] (2021) *Exclusive*

STITCH - Beyond The Devil's Deal [2-CD Cult Metal Classics remaster] (2021) *Exclusive* - full

While Stockholm based ’80s rockers STITCH may be a new name for many, but their 1982’s vinyl-only single ‘Devil’s Deal’ has always been into all collectors’ lists. Finally, a couple years ago all the material recorded by STITCH between 1980-1988 has been remastered and released on a double CD by Cult Metal Classics Records with the title “Beyond The Devil’s Deal“.
STITCH was a talented group, but also a curious case of a band completely changing it sound and style. Yeah, the first disc here covers the first half of the Eighties STITCH, a metal act in the traditional style. Then CD compiles the band’s turn over to a Melodic Rock / poppy AOR sound initiated halfway the decade.
Listening Disc 1 (which includes the much sought after 2-sided single ‘Devil’s Deal’) Stitch can indeed be mistaken for many of the British acts at the time, as you can easily tell that their sound is founded upon the influence of the NWOBHM. For a Swedish metal recording being released in 1982, Stitch surely helped kickstart, in some way or another, the underground heavy metal movement in Sweden. Additionally there’s many demos taped with fine sound quality.

The surprise comes with Disc 2. Around 1985 founding members Ken Sundberg (Bass) & Jörgen “Joy Mallet” Sverin (Drums) completely re-formulated the band with female vocalist Sussie Ax (ex Revanch) and keyboardist Lasse Nyström. They released an official EP in 1988 > pure poppy Melodic Rock / AOR with a Swedish sound. That single and many other recordings are added to this release, in a total of 30 tracks!
On “Beyond The Devil’s Deal” you have the best of both worlds: CD1 classic metal / hard rock, on CD classic ’80s Melodic Rock / AOR – all Scandinavian flavored.

Released in 2021 ready for Halloween (October 31st) Stitch’s “Beyond The Devil’s Deal” is much more than a rarity limited to 500 copies – it’s a ray of light on this obscure Swedish band with talent and energy.
The early ’80 material rocks with sharp riffs and a pounding rhythm section (future Europe drummer Ian Haugland play on some cuts), while the second period of the band showcases a band looking for a commercial sound, easy melodies, sweet female vocals and tons of synths / keyboards.
Despite being mostly unreleased material, the original recordings were very well done and the remaster takes the best of ’em. There’s even three live tracks with a good sound quality – these are from the melodic rock era, and while melodic, on stage Stitch had a punchy sound.
Highly Recommended

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CD1 – The Heavy Years:
1. Devil’s Deal
2. Touching The Stars
3. Looking 4 Some Action
4. Dr Fright
5. Long Distance Love
6. Stagestruck
7. Loser
8. Space Sacrifice
9. This Time
10. Why
11. Louise
12. Oh Lord
13. Black Hole
14. Deep Six
15. Anal Attack
16. Legions Of Crom
17. Pictures Of You

CD2 – The Melodic Years:
1. You Light My Fire
2. Can’t Fight This Feeling
3. All I Wanna Do
4. Answer
5. Can’t Explain
6. Funk (You)
7. Together
8. Right Or Wrong
9. Can’t Fight This Feeling (Live)
10. You Light My Fire (Live)
11. Free Will (Live)
12. Feel Alright (Live)
13. I Still Believe (Live)


Disc 1
Bob May – Vocals
Jimmy “Neckles” Holmgren – Guitars
Leif “Leff Geno” Lindstrom – Guitars
Ken Sundberg – Bass
Jörgen “Joy Mallet” Sverin – Drums
Anders Wiberg – Drums
Håkan “Ian” Haugland – Drums

Disc 2
Sussie Ax – Vocals
Conel Winblad – Guitars
Lasse Nyström – Keyboards
Ken Sundberg – Bass
Jörgen “Joy Mallet” Sverin – Drums



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