HEAD EAST – Gettin’ Lucky [remastered 2-in-1 Limited Edition reissue] Out Of Print

EYES (Jeff Scott Soto) - 24U [2-CD Set] Out Of Print - full

Celebrating their new studio album in four decades, here’s the hard to find, out of print 2in1 remastered reissue of HEAD EAST‘s “Gettin’ Lucky / Head East” albums.
Hailing from the US Midwest and featuring future Petra lead vocalist John Schlitt, Head East was one of the more popular bands from the area back in the day, resulting in a record contract with A&M Records.
Gettin’ Lucky” is their 3rd studio album, and one of their most renowned releases.

Mixing commercial melodic rock with radio-friendly poppy melodies and a touch of proto Pomp AOR, Head East open the album with the joyful title track.
‘Back In My Own Hands’ add acoustics to the mix, but also pompy keyboards and a sound slightly reminiscent to Shooting Star. ‘Show Me I’m Alive’ is very FM radio oriented yet with little progressive touches.

HEAD EAST - Gettin' Lucky [remastered 2in1 Ltd. Edition reissue] Out Of Print - booklet

The steady ‘Take It On Home’ has some REO Speedwagon on it, followed by the seet semi-ballad ‘Dancer Road’ with varied arrangements.

It’s on ‘Don’t Let Me Sleep In The Morning’ where Head East shows their Pomp credentials, a song plenty of beautiful analog synths and smooth vocals bringing to mind Roadmaster.
Then ‘Sands Of Time’ turn things more rocking with Schlitt shining all over, same with ‘Call To Arms And Legs’, definitely hard rock oriented with a catchy chorus.
Closer ‘Every Little Bit Of My Heart’ is one of the best cuts on the album and the number which better represents Head East’s overall sound mixing melodic rock, a radio-friendly melody and a bit of Pomp.

HEAD EAST - Gettin' Lucky [remastered 2in1 Ltd. Edition reissue] back

HEAD EAST’s “Gettin’ Lucky / Head East” 2in1 remastered reissue was a Limited Edition appeared some time ago, obviously out of print now. It’s listed on sites like Amazon but when you ask for it, the seller doesn’t have it. So be prepared to spend around $200 for an used copy on eBay.
A quite unknown, lovely slice of US arena-Rock / proto AOR featuring talented John Schlitt on vocals.


01 – Gettin’ Lucky
02 – Back In My Own Hands
03 – Show Me I’m Alive
04 – Take It On Home
05 – Dancer Road
06 – Don’t Let Me Sleep In The Morning
07 – Sands Of Time
08 – Call To Arms And Legs
09 – Time Has A Way
10 – Every Little Bit Of My Heart

John Schlitt: Lead Vocals
Mike Somerville: Guitar, Vocals
Dan Birney: Bass
Roger Boyd: Keyboards, Synths, Vocals
Steve Huston: Drums, Vocals


Out Of Print

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