UNRULY CHILD – Unruly Child [2xLP remastered for vinyl] (2023) HQ *0dayrox Exclusive*

UNRULY CHILD - Unruly Child [2xLP remastered for vinyl] (2023) HQ *0dayrox Exclusive* - full

Not only did the 1992 self-titled debut from L.A. band UNRULY CHILD never come out on vinyl in the U.S., but when it was originally issued on LP in Europe, the powers-that-were decided to stuff this approximately 54-minute record on to a single platter… not a superior listening experience to say the least.
So, when Real Gone Music decided to put this “Unruly Child [2xLP remastered for vinyl]” out, they elected to release it as a double record AND have it remastered for vinyl by Eliot Kissileff. Red LP vinyl pressing housed inside a gatefold jacket, it’s limited to 1,500 copies.
What can we say about “Unruly Child”… one of the greatest North American AOR / Melodic rock albums ever recorded. This band’s unique brand of rock music spearheaded by vocalist Marcie (formerly Mark) Free,
Jay Schellen (Hurricane, Asia) on drums, Bruce Gowdy (Stone Fury) on guitar, Guy Allison (Fergie Frederiksen) on keys and the talented Larry Antonio on bass should have been huge. All killer, no filler.
Despite “Unruly Child” was produced by expert Beau Hill, we always felt the record a bit flat. This remaster for vinyl adds much more air and harmonics to appreciate the band’s multi-layered harmony vocals (all members contribute).

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A1. On the Rise
A2. Take Me Down Nasty
A3. Who Cries Now
B1. To Be Your Everything
B2. Tunnel of Love
B3. When Love Is Gone
C1. Lay Down Your Arms
C2. Is It Over
C3. Wind Me Up
D1. Let’s Talk About Love
D2. Criminal
D3. Long Hair Woman

Mark Free – lead vocals
Bruce Gowdy – guitars, backing vocals
Guy Allison – keyboards, backing vocals
Larry Antonio – bass, backing vocals
Jay Schellen – drums, backing vocals



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