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Following a relentless two and a half year touring spree in support of their successful full-length album ‘III‘, WILDSTREET is poised to unveil a dynamic new release of fresh tracks in the form of “IV“, the band’s new record. Their journey has taken them across the United States and all over Europe, with three triumphant tours since the pandemic.
As they gear up with confirmed concerts and festivals for 2024/2025, the band found the time to record new material. With their well oiled melodic hard / glam / sleazy style, now we hear a new approach on some songs from “IV”, modern, dark, at places, yet still retaining the sense of fun and melody.
There’s some guests as well contributing for the refreshed sound, such as Erik Eldenius, known for his work with Billy Idol, or Steeve Estatof, renowned for appearances on the French version of The Voice.

The record opens with ‘Heroes’, the slick riff and thumping beat grabs the attention straight away. With the addition of the sleazy and sultry vocals of guest singer Guernica Mancini (ex-Thundermother, The Gems), the feel of the LA sound is excellent. The distortion on the guitars brings attitude and swagger, they mix perfectly with the harmonised vocals. A superb high tempo opener, that sets the bar for the following tracks.

The tempo slows as we ease into ‘Sick to Death’, the marching rhythm section is complemented by intricate guitar licks. Again, we’re treated to the talents of some guest artists, in the shapes of former member of Pearl Jam Dave Abbruzzese on drums, bassist Kevin Billingslea, and vocalist Sebastian Hadtrath. The infectious chorus will become a chanted anthem when played live, the squealing guitar solo sends tingles down then neck. As listener, you’re taken on a soaring adventure.
Todd Long features on the ballad-esque ‘Won’t Be Apart’, the soothing and considerate vocal is the focal point, against a back-drop of a delicate piano and hints of slide guitar, it will have the audience swaying. It’s a superb contrast to the earlier offerings, demonstrating a strong skillset within the band.

The pace returns for ‘Come Down’, this was written after former guitarist Jimmie Marlow sent frontman Eric Jayk an unfinished demo, within an hour, Jayk had written the vocal, later adding the guitar solo. This finished recording has Erik Eldenius behind the drum kit, with additional vocals provided by Steve Estatof. Crunching guitars and a hard beat brings in a punchy lyric. The clever hooks keep the bounce going throughout, unconsciously you’re nodding along in time and then playing air guitar along with the blistering solo.

The arena friendly power ballad ‘Say Goodbye’ is next, a mix of baroque harmonies and melodies that caresses the ears. The emotion laden lyrics are delivered with passion. The accompanying instruments are orchestral in their style, close your eyes and enjoy the sounds.
‘Mrs. Sleazy’ follows on. It’s a cover of the 1994 track by Finnish goth rockers The 69 Eyes. Wildstreet previously released ‘Mrs. Sleazy’ as a single back in 2021. The foot is to the floor for this bouncing romp. Quick drum beats and slicing guitar riffs are blended with racing lyrics. A fabulous and respectful rendition of the original. Great fun.

Wildstreet’s ‘IV’ closes with ‘The Road’, it sees the band in a thoughtful and reflective mood. Jayk’s vocal is to the fore, supported by a strong melody and steady beat. The atmosphere and emotion builds as the track develops, a powerful guitar solo and gentle keys provide an evocative closing of the track.

Staying true to their origins, ‘IV’ brings the classic Wildstreet “Sleazy Glam Arena Rock” experience, with its catchy hooks, powerful drums, and intense guitar solos. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering their music for the first time, ‘IV’ is sure to ignite a passion for hard rock, serving up a new slice of Wildstreet’s unique sound.
Highly Recommended


01 – Heroes
02 – Sick to Death
03 – Won’t Be Apart
04 – Come Down
05 – Say Goodbye
06 – Mrs. Sleazy
07 – The Road

Eric Jayk – Vocals, Guitars
Jimmie Marlowe – Guitars, Vocals
Jonny D – Bass, Vocals
Dom – Lead Guitars, Vocals
Lock – Drums, Vocals



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