CRASHDIET – Illegal Rarities, Volume 2 (2018 / 2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

CRASHDIET - Illegal Rarities, Volume 2 (2018 / 2019) full

Swedish sleaze stalwarts CRASHDIET released some time ago ‘Illegal Rarities, Volume 1’, previously unreleased recordings with original vocalist Dave Lepard. Due repeated demand from the fans, bass player Mr. London unearthed more previously unreleased Crashdiet recordings from the vault, and here’s “Illegal Rarities, Volume 2”, released at the end of 2018 (December 27) a Scandinavian-only CD release limited to 999 copies and only available at Crashdiet’s online store.

For many, there won’t be another singer for Crashdiet better than the late Dave Lepard. This guy nailed like few the true sleaze rock attitude.
The songs here, while raw, encapsule the sonic magic of the genre even better than the final, definitive versions.

These original pre production takes on ‘Breakin’ the Chainz’ or ‘Riot in Everyone’, just to mention a pair, are hot, on fire. The sound quality is excellent, and the fresh remix of ‘Crazy Nights [2018 mix]’ is a highlight too.

There’s also unreleased tracks here. It’s crazy that songs like ‘Hot All Through The Night’, ‘Passion Of Relief’ or ‘Crazy Nites’ never were recorded / included into any Crashdiet official studio albums. These babies rocks!
Crashdiet kills all over “Illegal Rarities, Volume 2”, Rock n’ Roll in its purest form.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Hot All Through the Night
02 – Passion of Relief
03 – Breakin’ the Chainz
04 – Needle in Your Eye
05 – Crazy Nights [2018 mix]
06 – Happy Happy Me
07 – Riot in Everyone
08 – Hell No

Dave Lepard – vocals, guitar
Martin Sweet – guitar, backing vocals
Peter London – bass, backing vocals
Eric Young – drums, backing vocals



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