FLESH & BLOOD (Danny Vaughn / Mark Mangold) – Blues For Daze +2 [Bad Reputation remaster] (2021)

FLESH & BLOOD (Danny Vaughn / Mark Mangold) - Blues For Daze +2 [Bad Reputation remaster] (2021) full

For the first time officially reissued / remastered by Bad Reputation Records, here’s the just released FLESH & BLOOD album “Blues For Daze“. FLESH & BLOOD was a short-lived but amazing super-group put together by Mark Mangold after his 3 AOR albums with Drive She Said, looking for a more rocking, bluesy-based sound.
Alongside Mangold on keyboards, there’s the awesome Danny Vaughn (Tyketto) on vocals, Al Pitrelli (Savatage, Joe Lynn Turner, Alice Cooper) on guitar, Chuck Bonfante (Saraya, Drive She Said) on drums and Mitch DeStefano on bass. Wow, that’s what I call a true super-group of talented cats.
But we have more: for this reissue, Vaughn & Mangold have gotten together and recorded 2 new songs for it. First is a down and dirty acoustic version of the song “Riverside” and the second is a storming, brand new track called “Ready To Roll”.

FLESH & BLOOD’s “Blues For Daze” is indeed a bluesy-based hard rock / classic rock affair mixing upbeat rockers and atmospheric midtempo / ballads with more than a hint of AOR / Melodic Rock.
It has something for everyone; inspired songwriting and classy keyboards from Mark Mangold, superlative guitars from Al Pitrelli, a rock-solid rhythm section courtesy of Chuck Bonfante and DeStefano, topped off amazingly by Danny Vaughn’s fantastic vocals.

The band started the recording of the album without a record label pressure, so you can clearly feel how all musicians are enjoying the sessions.
This resulted in a truly ‘flesh & blood’ album coming from the heart, played by all involved with real passion for this rootsy rock, without a doubt, the seminal style which shaped their formative years as musicians.

Vaughn & Co. rock out to “Feel the Power”, “Shake Your Tail Feather”, title track “Blues For Daze” and “I Know Where You Been”, then chill out for the beautiful “Bed of Roses”, “Jenny Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” (love this track) and “Man Enough”.
And if you aren’t drumming your fingers within seconds to the intro of “Boogie Chile”, you just aren’t human!
Closer “Judgement Day” is another winner, which reminds me lyrically, but also from a musical point of view to the also shortly existed Badlands.

Regarded by Danny Vaughn as one of the favorite albums he has ever done, “Blues For Daze +2” is an awesome rockin’ CD, delivering a Vaughn astonishing performance and Mangold’s skilled songwriting. A great bad Reputation remaster, including 2 new tracks as bonus, and complete booklet with lyrics.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Feel The Power
02 – Shake Ya Tail Feather
03 – Bed Of Roses
04 – Boogie Chile
05 – Riverside
06 – Jenny Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
07 – I Know Where You Been
08 – Voodoo Moon
09 – Blues For Daze
10 – Man Enough
11 – Sweet Sister Rose
12 – Judgement Day
13 – Riverside (Acoustic)
14 – Ready To Roll

Danny Vaughn (Tyketto) – vocals
Al Pitrelli (Joe Lynn Turner, Alice Cooper) – guitars
Mark Mangold – keyboards, vocals
Mitch DeStefano – bass
Chuck Bonfante (Saraya, Drive She Said) – drums



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