MISS BEHAVIOUR – Heart Of Midwinter [Pride & Joy Music Digitally Remastered] (2023)

MISS BEHAVIOUR - Heart Of Midwinter [Pride & Joy Music Digitally Remastered] (2023) - full

It’s been 17 years since Swedish melodic rockers MISS BEHAVIOUR released by themselves their debut album “Heart Of Midwinter” via own label Sunset Fox Records. The CD became hard to find and fans had to paid exorbitant amounts of money to get a copy, at least used.
Now MISS BEHAVIOUR label Pride & Joy Music is making “Heart Of Midwinter” available again, fully remastered, a very welcomed release while the band works on their upcoming album.
Emerging from a Swedish town by the name of Norrköping, some young musicians who enjoyed hard rock, metal, AOR and melodic rock eventually founded a band in 2003. Miss Behaviour was born and this debut was able to leave its mark on the scene already in 2006.

”We were so happy to be able to spread our music“, guitarist Erik Heikne remembers. Early Crashdïet might have been an influence on the band, too. Also the name of the band has to do with the love of sleaze rock back then because sleaze bands and musicians are often a bit out of line and live every cliche of rock to the fullest, probably misbehaving sometimes. „
“The music on our debut was also not pure Melodic Rock / AOR“, Heike admits. It was a band trying to find their sound.

There are elements of sounds that the band would eventually gravitate towards. Track 2’s ‘Precious Times’ has the harmonies and melodic constructs for which Miss Behaviour would eventually be known. This makes the song a stand-out track.
Some other solid songs include the rocker ‘One Heart in Divide’, a mid-tempo track with an interesting chorus of melodious vocals amid drum fills and a keyboard solo. ‘Dreams Are Cursed’ kicks things into a higher gear, with another stand out performance from Henrik Sproge’s keys layering the melody line.

Other songs have a 1988-1990 Queensrÿche feel, in no small part due to the distinctness of vocalist Mattias Wetterhall, who sounds like he graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Geoff Tate / Bruce Dickinson School of Rock Vocalists. His timbre is quite impressive, if not distinctly familiar.
This is the only Miss Behaviour album with Wetterhall as lead vocalist. Sebastian Roos, the current singer in Miss Behaviour, actually sang backing vocals on this debut, so coming full circle with the band.

While recorded on a limited budget, “Heart Of Midwinter” sonics are good, now enhanced with this fresh 2023 remastering.
The CD mix Melodic Rock, AOR, Hard, and lite proggy at places, all with fine musicianship.
In the following albums Miss Behaviour developed into a pure Melodic Rock / AOR beast, however is very interesting to hear the band at their early stages doing something different.
Highly Recommended


01 – The Shine
02 – Precious Times
03 – Dreams Are Cursed
04 – Midwinter Sleeps
05 – Circles
06 – Make It Your Own Way
07 – Runaway Man
08 – One Heart In Divide
09 – New Horizon

Mattias Wetterhall – vocals
Erik Heikne – guitars
Henrik Sproge – keyboards
Sebastian Gustafsson – bass
Hampus Landin – drums
Sebastian Roos – backing vocals



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