PSYCHO MOTEL (Adrian Smith) – Welcome To The World [Japan Edition] (1997) *HQ*

PSYCHO MOTEL (Adrian Smith) - Welcome To The World [Japan Edition] (1997) *HQ* - full

Adrian Smith may be the guitarist in one of the world’s most iconic metal bands, Iron Maiden, but he’s also a diverse musician who has explored other musical horizons. He recently teamed up for the excellent Smith/Kotzen project, however previously had other bands outside Maiden. Smith first got a side project in the late 80s named A.S.A.P. which released an album when Iron Maiden took a break after the “Seventh Son” tour cycle. But Smith really got his real own band when formed PSYCHO MOTEL after leaving Maiden 1989-90.
As requested, here’s the 2nd and final PSYCHO MOTEL album, 1997’s ”Welcome To The World”. Hans-Olav Solli opted for a solo career, so the record featured new vocalist Brit Andy Makin, personally chosen by Smith as had a distinctive vocal delivery, different from Solli. Makin was strongly involved into songwriting too.
The record also features Scott Gorham of Thin Lizzy / 21 Guns and Dave Murray of Iron Maiden as guest guitarists.

Psycho Motel previous album State Of Mind had featured singer Solli, a much more 1980s type of rock voice, while new singer Andy Makin bears the distinct hallmarks of the 90s. While featuring some down-tuned guitars as well, ”Welcome To The World” wasn’t the grunge of the day. The album is more ‘alternative’ if you want, but this is hard rock with a Nineties production. Some examples are Last Chain, A Quarter To Heaven, and Rain.

However Smith still delivers songs like in the previous album, like the more traditionally melodic Believe, in which Smith and Makin shine.
Also the ballad With You Again. When the solo spot blends Smith with none other than Dave Murray, it’s hard to ignore the potential that was unfulfilled for so long in the 1990s. Iron Maiden’s contemporary records The X Factor (1995) and Virtual XI (1998) would practically tremble with the loss of Adrian Smith’s playing and songwriting…
Then we find a stellar guest in Scott Gorham for a solo in the rocker I’m Alive.

”Welcome To The World” has a a really powerful production, detailed and polished, and perhaps a better songwriting than the debut. It’s darker, but very well played.
This is the last Psycho Motel album as Smith hook up with Bruce Dickinson in ‘97 and ‘98 for his acclaimed solo albums, Accident Of Birth and The Chemical Wedding. And later, 1999, both returned to Iron Maiden.
Highly Recommended


01 – The Last Chain
02 – A Quarter To heaven
03 – Rain
04 – Believe
05 – With You Again (featuring Dave Murray)
06 – Into The Black
07 – No Loss To Me
08 – Underground
09 – Welcome To The World
10 – Something Real
11 – Innocence
12 – I’m Alive (featuring Scott Gorham)
13 – Hypocrisy

Andy Makin – vocals
Adrian Smith – guitar, backing vocals
Gary Liedeman – bass guitar
Mike Sturgis – drums
Dave Murray – guitars on “With You Again”
Scott Gorham – guitars on “I’m Alive”
Richard Cottle – keyboards
Martin Ditcham – percussion


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