SCREAMING EAGLES – Stand Up And Be Counted [Limited Fan Club Expanded Edition]

SCREAMING EAGLES - Stand Up And Be Counted [Limited Fan Club Expanded Edition] - exclusive full

SCREAMING EAGLES – sometimes abbreviated to Screagles – the hard rock band from Northern Ireland released a rollicking debut receiving critical acclaim and really good success on both sides of the Atlantic ocean and Australia.
The highly anticipated follow-up to the Screaming Eagles barnstorming debut, ”Stand Up And Be Counted”, just increased the energy and the punchy delivery. It should also come as no surprise to anyone that this CD picks up where their debut left off. After all, these Irish rockers set out their stall in considerable style.
In the world of hard rock, originality is not particularly prized. The real treasure lies in forging a fistful of hard rocking songs and turning them into glorious, mind-blowing, max-volume gold. It’s harder than it sounds, but these lads have it down.
With SCREAMING EAGLES new 2023 album featured here few days ago, here we have the rare ”Stand Up And Be Counted [Limited Fan Club Expanded Edition]” including several bonus tracks.

”Stand Up And Be Counted [Limited Fan Club Expanded Edition]” is very riff based plenty of guitar solos, heavy bass lines and pure classic rock drums. Delivering cheap thrills with no questions asked, ”Stand Up And Be Counted’ is an exuberant celebration of youthful verve, vitality and, inevitably, rebellion.

This is a record loaded with excellent fist pumping, foot stomping, head banging tracks on here, such as, “Ready For The Fall”, “Save Me”, the title track, the funked-up swagger of “Chase You Down”, and the ridiculously catchy “Breakin’ All The Rules’ with some AC/DC on it.
“Bow Down To The Blues” is indeed a bluesy number and works well as a break with its midtempo pace, while the melodic groove of “27 Club” has lyrics talking about the many promising musicians who have died at the tender age of 27 (Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison to name but a few).

As extra we have a new studio track, a rocking cover of the INXS / Jimmy Barnes hit song “Good Time” in a duet with Sweden based Bonafide frontman Pontus Snibb, and and some live takes to appreciate SCREAMING EAGLES impressive live sound, including a Led Zeppelin cover.

If this album doesn’t make you pound your feet on the floor, shred on the air-guitar while standing on the coffee table, or get your hands punching the air, then you’re either not alive, or from another planet.
”Stand Up And Be Counted [Limited Fan Club Expanded Edition]” is an album well worth getting for any Rock fan, old school, teenager or anywhere in between.
The Screaming Eagles are a real breath of fresh air in the modern music world, and particularly the Classic Rock / Hard Rock genre, because these guys sound real, flesh & bones.
Highly Recommended


01 – Ready For The Fall
02 – Save Me
03 – Stand Up & Be Counted
04 – Bow Down To The Blues
05 – Chase You Down
06 – Get Out While I’m Ahead
07 – Breakin’ The Rules
08 – Streets Of Gold
09 – Screaming Eagles
10 – 27 Club
11 – Good Times (featuring Pontus Snibb)
12 – Hungry For More (live)
13 – Down The River (live)
14 – Immigrant Song (live)
15 – Blood (live)
16 – Rock N Roll Soul (live)

Chris Fry – Vocals
Adrian McAleenan – Guitars
Ryan Lilly – Bass
Kyle Cruikshank – Drums


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