KINGS WINTER – The Other Side Of Fear (2024) *HQ*

KINGS WINTER - The Other Side Of Fear (2024) *HQ* - full

A mix of the heavy riffs with ’80s / ’90s inspiration and the soaring melodies of the Gothenburg sound combined with a female lead-singer with a distinct rock voice, this might be the best description for the sound that KINGS WINTER have created since the band’s inception in 2018. Founded by married couple Jule and Tobias Dahs and named after their German hometown “Königswinter”, the duo quickly released their debut EP.
Now KINGS WINTER are releasing their new album “The Other Side Of Fear” and after first listen we can say the band is ready for the big leagues. Strong polished songwriting, tight performances, and a powerful crisp production makes “The Other Side Of Fear” a pretty killer melodic metal platter. There’s attention to detail, and even the album’s cover artwork is awesome.

This album opens with title track “The Other Side Of Fear”, a song with guitar rhythms that sounds crushing but melodic for almost the entire song, dynamic drum beats accompany Jule Dahs‘ powerful and heavy female vocals. The big chorus and beautiful guitar melodies color several moments as well as the solo parts in this song.
On “When Tyrants Fall“ is even more uptempo with bombastic drums and heavy riffage. “The Lost Art Of Grey“ adds catchiness and a bombastic chorus ready for the arenas.

“Destroyer Of Worlds” is almost Maiden-esque yet with the impressive female voice of Jule. “Revolution’s Name“ is a catchy melodic heavy metal song that will keep us headbanging throughout, with just another anthemic chorus.
Not exactly a ballad, closer “The Darkness Within“ has a mid-tempo drive and while the band creates ‘metal ballad’ atmospheres, Jule Dahs‘ voice still feels heavy.

“The Other Side Of Fear” is a more than strong album plenty of crushing riffs, catchy melodies and old school Heavy Metal DNA, with anthemic choruses and very well produced. For the whole of these eight tracks, Kings Winter shows us why they are absolutely a need-to-know / up-and-coming act.
Highly Recommended


01 – The Other Side Of Fear
02 – When Tyrants Fall
03 – The Lost Art Of Grey
04 – Shadow Of The Cross
05 – Destroyer Of Worlds
06 – Sonic Thunderstorm
07 – Revolution’s Name
08 – The Darkness Within

Jule Dahs – Vocals
Tobias Dahs – Guitars
Christian Schmitz – Guitars, Bass
Various session musicians – Drums



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