PHILIP SAYCE – The Wolves Are Coming (2024)

PHILIP SAYCE - The Wolves Are Coming (2024) - full

Rockin’ blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter PHILIP SAYCE is releasing his highly anticipated new studio album “The Wolves Are Coming”, produced by himself, engineered by Grammy award winner Mark Rains (Rival Sons), mixed by Brian Moncarz (Alice Cooper), and featuring renowned musicians as back up band.
A set that’s exuberant rocking with generous doses of vocals out of the aggressive ’70s menu – the attraction though is more the guitar playing since Sayce is a cross between the late Jeff Healey (who he toured with) & Robben Ford. The melodies have traces of what Montrose did, sharp, powerful.
“The Wolves Are Coming” is blues-based, yes, however, with a drive & sonics that rocks hard. Think Richie Kotzen, with groove, funk-power rolling.

Sayce is not shy whipping out the old wah-wah bar on some of the 11-predatory tracks on ”The Wolves Are Coming”. With its perfectly displayed “Your Love” if it were sung with a little more seductive finesse ala Jimi Hendrix it would be closer to that winning genre.
No matter – the guitar work is glossy, slippery, always entertaining & well-executed. It’s just that Philip seems to be going more for the volume addict than using shards of elucidation as Jimi did. With “It’s Over Now,” “The Moon Is Full” & the lovely “Intuition,” all arrive in a distinctive bluesy recipe that’s superb. They have sufficient atmosphere & warmth maintained with a cool guitar identity.

Philip starts to gain momentum even more on “Blackbirds Fly Alone” where he adds lots of originality into his performance, driving unsparingly with aggression & guitar notes machine gunning. The fills in many songs are admirable. Nothing sweet & dismissive. Sayce has his punchy wry varied styles perfected (“Backstabber”). He certainly sharpens his axe every day.
Ballads like “It’s Over Now” round out Sayce’s signature fuzz tones and sledgehammer mountain-sized drum grooves with delicate, intimate, and dynamic performances.

A monster guitar player and vocalist, Philip Sayce confirms on “The Wolves Are Coming” that his on par with the likes of Richie Kotzen, not only as guitarist, but also singer.
This record captures the fire and energy of Sayce’s live performances. He stands on the edge of rock, blues-rock, and funk n’ roll, slinging guitar riffs at warped speed. It’s a powerful release with insane guitar playing, commanding vocals and songwriting. It’s fierce, a wild ride in the back seat of a hot rod, your feet nowhere near the brakes.
Highly Recommended


01 – Oh! That Bitches Brew
02 – Lady Love Divine
03 – Babylon Is Burning
04 – Your Love
05 – It’s Over Now
06 – Black Moon
07 – Blackbirds Fly Alone
08 – The Moon Is Full
09 – Backstabber
10 – Intuition
11 – This Is Hip

Michael Leasure – drums (Walter Trout, Edgar Winter)
Fred Mandel (Queen, Supertramp, Elton John) – keyboards and piano
Bernie Barlow (The Moody Blues) – background vocals
Aaron Sterling – drums (John Mayer, Taylor Swift)
Philip Sayce – vocals, guitars, bass, and piano



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