ROBIN ZANDER – Every Dog & She Can’t Turn Back Now (2012)

ROBIN ZANDER - Every Dog & She Can't Turn Back Now (2012)


Currently touring with Aerosmith, lead singer of Cheap Trick and solo artist ROBIN ZANDER has taken some time to help the promotion of the ’12 Million Dog March’, a live event to take place on August 5 in Los Angeles.

This event is organized by The Riedel & Cody Fund to build a community of people whose strength and knowledge could be shared to improve the lives of pets diagnosed with cancer, and the lives of their families.

For Robin Zander, stepping up and singing out on behalf of man’s best friend was a no-brainer.

Robin responded by re-recording and dedicating a song to promote the event, aptly entitled “Every Dog Has Its Day”, a track from Zander’s still unreleased album “Countyside Blvd”.

“The song was about myself, actually,” Robin adds. “But check out the lyrics, it’s a perfect anthem for this worthy canine cause.”

Additionally as bonus, you have a rare piece.

The track “She Can’t Turn Back Now” is an unreleased Robin Zander tune, recorded several years ago and co-penned with Mark Spiro, who also plays and sung backing vocals, featuring Tim Pierce on guitars and many other AOR luminaries.

01. Every Dog Has Its Day (3:56)

02. She Can’t Turn Back Now [unreleased] (4:37)


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