SINNER – Santa Muerte [Japan Edition +2] (2019)

SINNER - Santa Muerte [Japan Edition +2] (2019) full

Mat SINNER pledges allegiance with the Mexican Saint Santa Muerte on his band’s brand new album. Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte, the Lady of the Holy Death, protector of transcendence to the afterlife, widely appeals due to the commemoration of the annual ‘Day of the Dead’ during which followers face paint skeletons and dress in vivid robes. The Vatican condemns the cult as much as I condemn the stagnancy of Sinner’s last releases.
True; all albums are solid and proud rock releases, but they’re too much stuck in a hard rocking safe haven. Let’s see if the admiration of Santa Muerte brings Sinner back to life.

Holy crapshoot!
Right off the bat Mat and his metal machine unleash their fluent hard rocking metal potion onto the listener. Though apparently nothing has changed, the music rocks forward with the typical Sinner ingredients, which can’t be discarded. But it is the surprise that hits you with severe force.
Not the low register of Matt roars from your speakers this time, but it is second vocalist Giorgia Colleluori who injects newfound élan. The Venetian metal vocalist claimed fame with her band Eternal Idol before joining the ranks of Rock Meets Classic, the annual festival touring to sold out arenas all over Europe.

“Santa Muerte” links to the band’s 2017 predecessor `Tequila Suicide’ only by art and the fact it is a Sinner release. The big difference however is the eminent impact of new vocalist Giorgia who adds lustre and versatility to the sturdy rocking metal of the band.
This extra layer is profound and the album would have benefited from a wider use of her potential. Mat sticking to his bass and background supporting his new vocalist will instantly increase the band’s appeal.

‘Santa Muerte’ is a first step into the future with Sinner firing on all engines. Very promising and sincere album with high potential and impressive songwriting and musical marksmanship.
Highly Recommended


01. Shine On
02. Fiesta Y Copas (feat. Ronnie Romero of Rainbow)
03. Santa Muerte
04. Last Exit Hell
05. What Went Wrong (feat. Ricky Warwick)
06. Lucky 13
07. Death Letter (feat. Magnus Karlsson)
08. Craving
09. The Wolf
10. Misty Mountain
11. The Ballad of Jack
12. Stormy Night
13. Sorry (Bonus Track)
14. Dangerous (Japan only Bonus Track)

Mat Sinner – Vocals, Bass
Tom Naumann – Guitars
Alex Scholpp – Guitar
Sascha Krebs – Vocals
Markus Kullmann – Drums
Giorgia Colleluori – Vocals



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