SUICIDE SQUAD (pre-War Babies) – Live It While You Can [1988] (digitally remastered)

SUICIDE SQUAD (pre-War Babies) - Live It While You Can [1988] (digitally remastered) full

A couple days ago we featured in exclusive the Bad Reputation remaster on War Babies self-titled debut, the band fronted by powerhouse vocalist Brad Sinsel. Well, there’s an album / band where he was involved that you can’t miss: SUICIDE SQUAD, and their 1988 quite hard to find release “Live It While You Can“.
Originally released on vinyl only in Europe by UK label Music For Nations, SUICIDE SQUAD was a rocking outfit formed by Sinsel and guitarist Rick Pierce after being bandmates in TKO. It was a short-lived project, but they created this terrific “Live It While You Can” as legacy.
Listening to Suicide Squad could pass as an early War Babies EP, the direction more reflective and lyrics with depth were a step beyond the usual party metal lyrics of its day and directly where War Babies took things a couple years after.
And musically… this baby rocks. This is traditional hard rock with a polished sound and a punchy production, indeed like a mix between late TKO and War Babies plus some Hurricane. An absolute treasure from the vaults, fortunately remastered / reissued by Sinsel himself for our listening pleasure.

Only 4 songs on offer here on this miniLP which isn’t nearly enough considering the quality on offer, but all 4 are spirited hard rockers delivered with passion. ‘No Solution’ opens proceedings with a tip of the hat to flavor of the day but settles into a dirt filled singalong by chorus time.
Simply in its title ‘Bad Boy Blues’ gives cause for concern but instead much like Spread Eagle managed back when, ‘Bad Boy Blues’ steps above any nonsense and is an example of how that late 80s scene should have been!

The title track ‘Live It While You Can’ and final track ‘Can’t Use Ya’ are probably the strongest examples of where things were headed. With lyrics the likes of “We only have one life, so Live It While You Can” Sinsel not only convinces us to do so but reminds us why he is the drawcard here – the guy sounds incredible!

It’s a shame then that after the demise of War Babies – another A1 act fallen at the hands of label execs thinking grunge was the only way – that Sinsel, who had by this time deservedly resigned himself to an easier life, didn’t return with Suicide Squad.
New listeners should treat themselves to this EP reissue but its the fans of War Babies however that will be rewarded most, cause ya can view this as the lost prelude to that War Babies album – it really is that good.
HIGHLY Recommended

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01 – No Solution
02 – Bad Boy Blues
03 – Live it While You Can
04 – Can’t Use Ya’

Vocals – Brad Sinsel
Guitar – Rick Pierce
Bass – Rick Bradley
Drums – Richard Stuverud


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