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Eighties Rock Goddess LEE AARON has been on a roll since her comeback in 2016, with consistent releases since, and this year is no exception. Known for her powerful blues-inspired rock vocals and blazing attitude, Aaron’s upcoming album ”Elevate” was recorded live into the studio with her band in Vancouver, and is likely to be another unique sounding record to add to her extensive discography.
Although she’s been releasing music since the 80s, Aaron’s subject matter stays relevant, and these songs inspired by the issues caused by social media and political difference prove that. In an attempt to inspire love and human connection in these difficult times, ”Elevate” is sending a clear message via hard rockin’ tunes.

”Elevate” opens with Rock Bottom Revolution, a song that immediately feels true to Aaron’s style. With an intense bassline to draw you in, the glam rock inspiration drives the track. Aaron’s strong voice demands attention, and although the lyrics in the chorus are more on the simplistic side, the verses tell an interesting story and the vocals are undeniably addictive. Its message is loud and clear, and you can’t help but find yourself agreeing with her.
Next is Trouble Maker, and its bluesy guitars create a really fun sounding song. While the lyrics are slightly questionable, the build-up to the later choruses really ‘elevates’ them.

Heaven’s Where We Are is a really nice change of pace. With Aaron’s vocals beginning as almost a whisper, they build into a more pop-rock sound, with a positive message, and the guitar works really well.
Still Alive is a highlight, demonstrates the true range of Aaron’s voice, taking a fairly overdone concept and giving it a unique spin.
Red Dress is more of a ballad, and it’s done well. The piano accompanies the vocals perfectly, which feel almost like spoken word at the beginning, making this song a clear favourite. The lyrics are especially beautiful on this track, and they create the feeling of nostalgia really well.

Spitfire Woman is another fav, with really interesting though quite dark lyrics and a powerful, uplifting chorus. The use of strings on this song also make it really unique. Closing the album is its title track, Elevate, nicely driven by The Canadian’s voice and strong guitar work.

When the songs on this album are good, they’re amazing, and while there are some not that strong, overall “Elevate” is another very good Lee Aaron album. She never did an album sounding the same, and this new one isn’t an exception. The lyrics are clearly a high point, telling really interesting stories, and Aaron’s vocals are incredible the whole way through.
Highly Recommended


01. Rock Bottom Revolution
02. Trouble Maker
03. The Devil U Know
04. Freak Show
05. Heaven’s Where We Are
06. Still Alive
07. Highway Rome
08. Red Dress
09. Spitfire Woman
10. Elevate

Lee Aaron – lead vocals
Sean Kelly – guitars
Dave Reimer – bass
John Cody – drums


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    Un(Lee)shed! She is going back way too long at times and that’s great!

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