KITE PARADE – The Way Home (2022)

KITE PARADE - The Way Home (2022) - full

We featured today the new wonderful album from KITE PARADE, and we were so impressed that needed to check out previous works from the band’s mastermind Andy Foster. Occurs that KITE PARADE released their debut album past year, titled “The Way Home“, and you need to hear it to as this is another fantastic slice of proggy melodic rock.
There’s the same team helping Foster to craft the terrific sound & production of “The Way Home”: mixing / mastering duties handled by Rob Aubrey (Big Big Train, IQ), and the album also features stunning performances by drummers Nick D’Virgilio and Joe Crabtree (Wishbone Ash). So expect top class performances and music.
Do you need melodies? Check. Tired of sounds-the-same bands? Check. Do you need clever arrangements in a melodic rock song? Check. Do you need intelligent proggy twists with hooks? Check.
Melodic Rock with prog brains? Yeah, KITE PARADE is that and much more…

Musically, KITE PARADE and ”The Way Home” is varied in a rock/pop vein, melodic rock with lots of hooks, but with plenty of elaborated moments that will make you smile.
“Letting Go” kicks things off and is an uplifting, air-puncher of an anthem. Midway through it breaks down with a rhythmic bass / piano section, before the bridge kicks in, followed by guitar and keyboard solos that bring us back to the verse / chorus.

Next track “Strip The Walls” has a heavier edge. It too shifts in style, and has much to keep the interest of the listener with its melodic runs and clever twists. ”This Time” is an acoustic-led tune and Foster shows his capabilities in all of the instrumental areas. Everything sound neat, clear, defined.
Mention has to be made of Nick D’Virgilio’s contribution to this album. Most of you know this impressive musician career, and on this album, his playing as a side-man, is just next level – bringing exactly what the song needs every time.

“Suffer No Longer” is a great ballad but not cheesy at all, plenty of inventiveness. “Going Under” has a fantastic vocal performance and that retro ’80s keyboards we all love. Title track “The Way Home” is an excellent piece of commercial prog, with the addictive chorus and the guita r/ keyboard dueling making it a standout track.
The album ends with “Stranded,” an almost 15 minute epic with twists and turns coming every few minutes, truly taking the listener on a melodic inspired journey – rather than being a prog indulgence, made all the more amazing when you remember this is mostly all being played by one guy!

You just can’t resist KITE PARADE’s charm. It has everything from melodic rock hooks and rock&pop freshness to proggy AOR passages and an ’80s feeling all over. Fans of any of these need to check KITE PARADE pronto.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Letting Go
02 – Strip the Walls
03 – This Time
04 – Suffer No Longer
05 – Going Under
06 – The Way Home
07 – Stranded

Andy Foster – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Saxophone, Keyboards / Synths
Nick D’Virgilio – Drums (tracks 1,2,3,5 & 7)
Joe Crabtree – Drums (tracks 4 & 6)
Russell Milton – Bass (tracks 2 & 6)
Andy Marlow – Bass (track 4)
Roger Xavier – Guitar (track 6)
Steve Bradford – Piano (track 4)
Phillipa Sen – Female Voice (track 5)



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