FREAKSTORM – Angel In The Dark (2023)

FREAKSTORM - Angel In The Dark (2023) - full

FREAKSTORM was founded as a tribute project in 2016, but then evolved into a serious project. After various EPs, the first own album finally followed in 2021.
Now 2023, the band will release second album ”Angel In The Dark” via Pride & Joy Music. Producer Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69 / Helloween) helped the band develop a rich modern Hard Rock sound – a strong foundation for female singer Sinah Meier powerful and clear voice. Ward also play bass.
Freakstorm kicked off in March 2023 with the single “Creature Of The Night”. The B-side is a cover version of the Scorpions classic “Big City Nights”, now finally available on this CD.
The guitars on the album were supplied by talented Oliver Hartmann (Avantasia), Rick Benton [Magnum] provides a nice piano appearance, and there’s other guests.
The overall style on “‘Angel In The Dark” is classic female fronted hard rock from the ’80s however wrapped by a very modern sound production.

“Fight to the end” begins with thunder drumming and some huge guitar licks akin Lynch / Bratta, then Sinah’s candid and clean voice ties everything together and you won’t miss Chez Kane or Issa. “Stop the fire” brings to mind the recently featured band here: NEXX.
“Creature of the night” is a higlight, Hard Rock / AOR with that punch similar to Bad Sister, Lita Ford, Fiona, Robin Beck, etc…

That piano from Rick Benton (Magnum) in title track “Angel in the Dark” lifts Sinah Meier’s voice to the joyous panoramic view of optimistic darkness, in a dazzling piece of music. On “Black soul” Hartmann delivers a buch of precise riffs, a tune with a cool Eighties atmosphere ala Alannah Myles or Jaime Kyle.
The Scorpions cover of “Big city nights” is well done, hearing this song with Sinah voice is curious, but works well.
“Paparazzi” is much more modern, even a bit alternative. Guitarist Toby Wendeler (SchwarzLicht) comes as a guest and takes center stage. Not our fav song, however doesn’t hide from the fixed fundamentalist spotlights of Melodic Rock – it’s catchy, and radiable.

There’s fragility on Sinah’s performance during “You destroy me”, which works fine with the slow, acoustic nature of the track. A nice change of pace. But calm only lasts until next track’ Stop the fire’, a punchy hard rocker with vocal contributions from Timothy Shaw (SchwarzLicht) on aggressive vocals and Wendeler again on guitar for a fiery performance.
The piano version of “Angel in the dark” showcases Sinah Meier vocal color, and include orchestrations and atmospheres.

FREAKSTORM’s music has the potential to appeal vast audiences: there’s melody, ’80s touches, modern riffage, some alternative, even a dash of goth.
Highly Recommended


01 – Fight To The End
02 – Stop The Fire
03 – Creature Of The Night
04 – Angel In The Dark
05 – Black Soul
06 – Big City Nights
07 – Paparazzi
08 – You Destroy Me
09 – Stop The Fire
10 – Angel In The Dark (Piano Version)

Sinah Meier (vocals)
Olli Fuchs (drums)
Dennis Ward (bass)
Oliver Hartmann (guitar)
Timothy Shaw (vocals on “Stop The Fire”)
Toby Wendeler (guitar on “Stop The Fire” & “Paparazzi”)
Rick Benton [Magnum] (keys on “Angel In The Dark”)


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