ROCKTOBER BLOOD (Full 1984 Soundtrack / first time on CD remastered) [2023] *Exclusive*

ROCKTOBER BLOOD (Full 1984 Soundtrack / first time on CD remastered) [2023] *Exclusive* - full

Billy’s back from the dead… with a message from Hell!!!” Many fans of metal / hard rock are also fans of horror movies. It’s a combination that goes great together.
“Rocktober Blood” was released by Vestron Video in 1984, a slasher flick around a fictional heavy metal singer, Billy “Eye” Harper.

After a recording session with his band, Billy’s girlfriend Lynn stays behind to work on some of her backing vocals. After a few unsuccessful attempts, Lynn goes upstairs to rest in a jacuzzi. At the same time, Billy returns to the studio and kills the engineer and his assistant. He tries to kill Lynn, but is stopped by security guards.
We skip ahead two years later and Billy has been executed for the murders while Lynn has become the lead singer for the band, now named Headmistress. The band is about to embark on their “Rocktober Blood” tour when a man, claiming to be the deceased Billy Eye, begins stalking Lynn.
That’s the beginning of the movie, and the best part of it is that featured US metal band SORCERER and showcases their talent and music. SORCERER previously did the soundtrack for the movie “Stunt Rock” featured at 0dayrox some time ago.

”Rocktober Blood Soundtrack” include SORCERER songs especially written for the film, featuring the excellent lead vocals of Nigel Benjamin (former vocalist for Mott The Hoople, and London), all great US metal tracks.
But there’s more; the songs performed by the ‘Lynn Starling’ character are done by female singer Susie Major and her real band Face Down – these are terrific female-fronted melodic rock tracks in the Pat Benatar style! At the time of these recordings, Susie was only 19 years old. Why this girl didn’t become a major star later is mystery.

The first five tracks are from the band Sorcerer, 4 sung by Nigel Benjamin, and 1 by Susie Major (‘Rainbow Eyes’).
Track 4 is really fun, as ‘kcaB m’I’ is in fact opener ‘I’m Back’ played backwards… Do you remember the scandal in ’80s with that ‘hidden messages’ taken as demonic?
Then there’s four songs with Susie and her band, some lost gems of female melodic rock plenty of punch.

Now Lunaris Records presents the original motion picture soundtrack for ”Rocktober Blood OSt” in its fullest, 11 tracks remastered. Originally released seven years ago available for the first time ever on CD, now is being reissued on vinyl as well.
”Rocktober Blood OST” still demands top dollar from soundtrack and heavy metal aficionados worldwide, so hurry up, this is a limited edition.
A very, very enjoyable pack of ’80s culture, U.S. classic metal and female melodic rock.
Awesome stuff

You’ve seen it first at 0dayrox


01 – I’m Back (Sorcery feat Nigel Benjamin)
02 – Rainbow Eyes (Sorcery feat Susie Major)
03 – Killer on the Loose (Sorcery feat Nigel Benjamin)
04 – kcaB m’I (Sorcery feat Nigel Benjamin)
05 – Watching You (Sorcery feat Nigel Benjamin)
06 – Watch Me Rock (Face Down feat Susie Major)
07 – Touch Me (Face Down feat Susie Major)
08 – High School Boys (Face Down feat Susie Major)
09 – Can’t Kill Rock and Roll (Face Down feat Susie Major)
10 – Soul Searcher (instrumental)
11 – Untitled (hidden track)


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