KISS – The Solo Albums ; Ace Frehley [Japan SHM-CD remastered Limited Numbered] Out Of Print

KISS - The Solo Albums ; Ace Frehley [Japan SHM-CD remastered Limited Numbered] Out Of Print full

These have been requested several times; the 1978 KISS ‘solo albums’ from each band member in its Japan SHM-CD pressing. Many of you reported finding fake SHM-CD rips all over the net, so here’s the real deal, the numbered limited edition of each including full artwork.
I wonder if anyone predicted in 1978 that KISS’ good natured but shy six stringer “Ace Frehley” would wind up producing the only truly classic album out of the solo four pack? I bet listeners were saying “Damn! I knew Ace was good, but I didn’t know he was THIS good!”
From the moment you press play on the barn burning opener “Rip It Out,” Ace is off and running and he doesn’t let up until the final fade out of the closing instrumental “Fractured Mirror.”

Gene & Paul should’ve let him out from under their thumbs earlier!
While the songs on their solo albums are little more than distant memories to all but the most die-hard KISS fans, people are still air-guitaring to Ace’s album to this day.
If you can only own one KISS solo album, make sure it’s this one.


01 – Rip It Out
02 – Speedin’ Back To My Baby
03 – Snow Blind
04 – Ozone
05 – What’s On Your Mind?
06 – New York Groove
07 – I’m In Need Of Love
08 – Wiped-Out
09 – Fractured Mirror

Ace Frehley – lead vocals, guitars, bass, guitar synthesizer
Anton Fig – drums, percussion
Will Lee – bass
Carl Tallarico – drums on “Fractured Mirror”
David Lasley and Susan Collins – backing vocals
Larry Kelly – backing vocals on “Rip It Out”
Bill “Bear” Scheniman – bell on “Fractured Mirror”
Bobby McAdams – power mouth (talk box) on “New York Groove”


Out Of Print

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