STORACE (Krokus) – Live And Let Live (2022)

STORACE (Krokus) - Live And Let Live (2022) full

KROKUS frontman Marc STORACE is releasing his first-ever solo album, “Live And Let Live”, in North America. The effort was previously only available in Switzerland. Krokus ended on a high note in December of 2019 with their “Adios Amigos” tour. 13 studio albums & 4 live albums later, Marc wasn’t done yet and formed his own band STORACE. And “Live and Let Live” is the result.
Not to be confused by its title, “Live and Let Live” is a studio recording, ten songs altogether from classic Hard Rock to Melodic Rock and there is even a bluesy number on this album.
For enthusiasts of loud guitars, uplifting hard rock, and all things Storace, ”Live and Let Live” is a dream come true. It’s the first time we’ve heard his voice sing all original music since Krokus’s 2013 album, Dirty Dynamite (2017’s Big Rocks was a covers album).
Although its been roughly half a decade since Storace last laid down his signature throat shredding vocals in the studio, don’t be fooled. This robust rock n’ roller can still bring the heat, going toe to toe with fellow shouters Biff Byford and Rob Halford in the “Holy shit how do they still sound so amazing?” category.

Now while Live and Let Live will appease the headbanging public’s collective appetite for Krokus, it isn’t a mere rehash of the past. The only two songs that sound in line with the likes of One Vice at a Time (1982) or Headhunter (1983) are the opening title track and “Carry the Burden”.
“Live and Let Live” is a fast and heavy rocker with meaty riffage, driving drums, and those classic Storace vocals, while “Carry the Burden” sounds like a three way brawl between Deep Purple, UFO, and Led Zeppelin.
The rest of the album is a largely bluesy, retro 70s hard rock effort, with nods to Free, Humble Pie, Zeppelin, among others.

Cuts like the groovy “High on Love” and soulful “Lady of the Night” are musical throwbacks to the sound of Storace’s formative years: warm, honest, pure rock n’ roll. “Broken Wings” is anthemic and boisterous, while “No Place to Hide” is a sludge infused rocker with dirty riffing and an intense arrangement.
This isn’t the only unexpected moment on ”Live and Let Live”. There’s also a piano centric piece in “Don’t Wanna Go”, as well as an old school blues ballad in one of my favorite tracks, “Time Waits for No One”, the latter packing the emotional roar of the three Kings, B.B., Albert, and Freddie.

Krokus or not, Storace has proven that he’s still ready to rock with ”Live and Let Live”. Vocally, he’s as energetic as always, which is further emphasized by an equally energetic backing band.
Time will tell what the future holds for this solo vessel. One thing’s for certain: Storace will keep “Screaming in the Night” (and the morning and afternoon for that matter) until he can’t anymore. That, my friends, is what rock n’ roll is all about.
Highly Recommended


01 – Live and Let Live
02 – High on Love
03 – Lady of the Night
04 – Carry the Burden
05 – Broken Wings
06 – No Place to Hide
07 – Don’t Wanna Go
08 – Love over Money
09 – Time Waits for No One
10 – Paradise

Marc Storace – Lead Vocals
Micha Dettwyler – Backing vocals
Marco Blochlinger – Bass
Massimo Buonanno – Drums
Cyrill Camenzind – Guitar
JP von Dach – Guitar
Chrigi Roffler – Keyboards
Celine Hales, Gee K – Backing vocals



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