BAD LUCK FRIDAY – Bad Luck Friday (2022)

BAD LUCK FRIDAY - Bad Luck Friday (2022) - full

BAD LUCK FRIDAY is an exciting new classic / hard rock band from Brighton, England. Formed in 2020, the band consists of Will Wilde (lead vocals, harmonica), Steve Brook (guitar, backing vocals), Jack Turnbull (bass) and Alan Taylor (drums), and now are presenting their self-titled debut “Bad Luck Friday“.
Fronted by singer and world-renowned harmonica player, Will Wilde, their unique sound draws from an eclectic mix of influences, from classic rock bands such as Led Zeppelin and Free through to more aggressive contemporary acts.
Don’t be fooled by the harmonica. Wilde uses it as an ‘electric guitar’, creating a wonderful effect for the songs, music that encompasses anthemic choruses, catchy guitar riffs & solos, searing vocals, and Wilde’s blistering harmonica runs.

Vocalist/harp man Will Wilde is a pioneer of the rock harmonica and has a knack for writing songs that combine the DNA of Little Walter, AC/DC, and Whitesnake into something heavy and original. The band came together during the Covid pandemic as a result of Wilde’s drive to remain creative when playing live was impossible. He’s a powerful rock singer in the timeless sense, owning a big, multifaceted vocal instrument that, when mixed with his ripping harp work, produces a performer you just don’t encounter every day.

The album is full of hard-edged riffs, cool choruses, and exceptional performances at all positions and goes down smooth as one long listen.
Bad Luck Friday opens the record with their namesake song “Bad Luck Friday.” It’s a full-on rock track from the downbeat and kicks off with its stadium-sized chorus hook. Crunching guitars and raging drums carry the day from there and give Wilde all the support he needs to let his vocal pipes roar. When he finally goes for his harp, his tone and urgency are right on target. This is straight-up, punch-your-lights-out rock and roll that just so happens to have a harp player in the band who can kick most guitarists in the ass.

“666 At The Crossroads” keeps the rock vibe going and, like its predecessor, deals lyrically with the idea that rock and roll is of the Devil. Wilde invokes both Bon Scott and David Coverdale on it, sneering one measure and flying high the next. He also lets his harp fly again, playing lines that wail and scream. Even though he overflows with energy, his phrasing and technique never suffer. All his ideas connect forward and his execution is sharp like a straight razor.

The melancholy power ballad “Dust & Bones” is the record’s only slow jam and tells the tale of a romance that has come to an end. It may run at a lower tempo than the other tracks here but it’s no flowery piece of radio fluff. It’s an angry, intensely-questioning song that speaks its truth in plain language. Wilde tackles the conflict head-on without becoming cliched and lame, gazing directly into his situation and telling us exactly what he sees with no sweetener added. Steve Brook adds his precise, emotive guitar lines to the arrangement and will hit you right in the feels. He’s impressive throughout the entire album.

The deep cuts also shine on ”Bad Luck Friday”, so don’t miss “Low Down Dirty” or “Bonnie To My Clyde.”
The set only contains ten songs, the perfect number, so it shouldn’t be too hard for even the shortest attention spans out there to blast through each tune.
Bad Luck Friday is going to open a lot of doors for themselves with this album. They pack a lot of muscle into these tracks while keeping things accessible for fans of the old and the new. Get this lot into your headphones at once!
Highly Recommended


01 – Bad Luck Friday
02 – 666 At The Crossroads
03 – Banshee
04 – Dust & Bones
05 – Jealous Woman
06 – Take The Best Of Me
07 – Mistress
08 – Low Down Dirty
09 – Bonnie To My Clyde
10 – Rebel With A Cause

Will Wilde: Vocals, Harmonica
Steve “The Beak” Brook: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jack Turnbull: Bass
Alan Taylor: Drums



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