JESSE JAMES DUPREE (Jackyl) – Breathing Fire (2023)

JESSE JAMES DUPREE (Jackyl) - Breathing Fire (2023) - full

It’s always great to see real musicians eager to keep rockin’: JACKYL frontman JESSE JAMES DUPREE got a new album coming out on November 10th called, “Breathing Fire”. The idea of the record was born out of good old fashioned Rock N’ Roll.
AC/DC’s shouter Brian Johnson called Dupree out of the blue, while Jesse was contemplating and putting thoughts together for new music. The duo first collaborated in 1997 on the Jackyl song “Locked and Loaded,” an electrified rocker on which Dupree and Johnson traded vocals in the verses. They quickly became friends and collaborated again on “Kill the Sunshine” from the band’s 2002 album, Relentless.

Now Johnson has co-written with Jesse two new songs titled “Never Gets Old” and “Rappa De Pappa”, and not only duets with him, but also in a new version of “Kill the Sunshine”. Then a new album came together almost spontaneously, with Jesse composing new tracks with his son Nigel and Jackyl bassist, Roman Glick.
“Breathing Fire” is all thrills no frills traditional hard rock, Harley-Davidson riff driven and with that classic gravelly vocals.
The accompanying lyric video for the lead single “Never Gets Old” hides a piece of the rock puzzle. As the video plays on, viewers will see timeless fonts. Each one is a clue, a connection to a legendary band that has shaped the soundtracks of our lives. (watch below)

With “Breathing Fire,” Dupree rekindles the fervor of rock and roll, establishing once again his indomitable presence in the music industry. This album showcases his enduring commitment to delivering unadulterated rock. If you’re ready to be swept away by electrifying riffs and infectious melodies, don’t miss Jesse James Dupree’s scorching new release.
Turn up the volume and let the rock and roll roar!


01 – Lay It On Me
02 – Never Gets Old (feat Brian Johnson)
03 – Breathing Fire
04 – It’s Not Love
05 – Stranded
06 – Born to Ride The Lightning
07 – Kill The Sunshine (feat Brian Johnson)
08 – Over My Dead Body
09 – White Flag
10 – Rappa De Pappa (feat Brian Johnson)

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